Include business card scanner in the app

Idea created by Holger Schulz on Dec 4, 2018
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    • Holger Schulz

    Hi all,


    a lot of our customers asked me if it's not possible to add a business card scanner functionalitiy into the app to add new Accounts and Contact very easy into the CRM System. 

    this could be done like this:  


    When you click on "New Account" in the app, you get a button "scan Business Card". This Scan will create automatically a new Account and Contact


    If you click on "new contact" in the "related" part of an account, you will just create a new contact with the scan. 


    If you scan a Business card in the leads module, you will create a new lead. 


    what do you think about this?

    I know, that there are external tools like

    Business Card Reader for Sugar CRM - MagneticOne Mobile 

    but nowdays with the GDPR, I want as less external tools as possible because of all the contractual thinks you have to do, like the DPA.