Unconvert Lead

Idea created by Greg Barrass on May 8, 2018
    • Jay Khatal
    • Greg Barrass

    In prior versions of Sugar if a user accidentally converted a lead, an Administrator could access the Converted field  and untick that field, change the status of the Lead and delete the Opportunity, Contact and Account if required.


    In the current version of Sugar this is not possible. You can of course delete the Account, Contact and Opportunity, but you cannot "unconvert" the lead. The only option is to copy the Lead and delete the original lead but all the activities are linked to the original lead and then the links are lost and need to be relinked - time consuming.


    Its all very messy, time consuming and although we have asked SugarCRM via a case to consider reinstating this functionality, there is no plan to do so unless there is a more widespread desire from the Sugar Community.


    It just seems a lot of work to carry out when users can accidentally convert leads so easily.


    What do you think - vote up if you think this should be reinstated.



    Greg Barrass