Alert for Notifying Cookies are disabled

Idea created by Ajay Kumar on Apr 5, 2018
    • Ajay Kumar
    • Mehul  Bhandari
    • delsugar

    Hi Sugar Folks


    Have noticed that when the cookies option is disabled in browser level.SugarCRM doesnot load.Instead it says "loading"  and it throws error in browser console.So End user wont be knowing what is causing an issue to load sugar when cookies are disabled.


    Expected : Can we show some alert to end user saying that cookies are disabled in your browser and enable them.


    Steps to check above:

    1.Chrome Browser -> Setting -> Advanced -> Privacy and Security ->Content Settings ->Cookies -> Allow sites to save and read cookie data(recommended) -> Disable

    2.Load Sugar instance.


    With Best Regards

    Ajay Kumar B