Outlook Plugin Task Syncing - Ability to Add Related Records and Create Alerts

Idea created by Jacquelyn Lane on Jan 19, 2017
    • TJ Canlas
    • Jacquelyn Lane

    I have been experimenting with the Outlook plugin so I can provide my users with the best usage instructions. So far, most of the functionality seems great except for the task syncing. 


    If you create a task in Outlook, there's no way to associate it with a Sugar record, so when it syncs into Sugar it's floating in your tasks module without any related records. The only way to create this relationship is to go and update each task individually. 


    On the flip side, if you create the task in Sugar, you can associate the task with a record, but you can't create a reminder alert for the task. The lack of task reminders is a big gaping hole in SugarCRM's native functionality, so having the ability to get reminders through your Outlook would be super helpful. Again, if you want this, you have to sync from Sugar into Outlook and then individually open each task and add a reminder. 


    Any way to fix this? It would make such a huge difference for my user base.