Help Documentation needs to be more in-depth

Idea created by KateLloyd on Jan 19, 2017
    In progress
    • KateLloyd
    • delsugar

    Every time I look for something in the help documentation I find it states the obvious. All the straightforward stuff is beautifully documented with screen shots.


    It shows me how to do all the things I already know, like add a role or team but doesn't explain the background to it. For example, it doesn't explain exactly how teams work and what to do to give someone access to records which are not owned by someone in their team. Pretty crucial stuff.


    The Mobile app documentation is similarly vague. We have found that we are having a lot of connection issues. There is no mention of this area in the documentation. There is no mention of the need to "roll back" changes, or when that might occur or how to do it.


    Please can you document the more in-depth stuff?