User Access & Licensing Improvements

Idea created by Jacquelyn Lane on Jan 13, 2017
    • Manjeet Kaur
    • Jacquelyn Lane
    • Altaf Ur Rehman

    With regards to licensing issues, Sugar seems very strict compared to Salesforce (our prior CRM). With Sugar: 

    1) Two users cannot be logged into to the same account at the same time

    2) We cannot run reports and list views on records owned by inactive users


    Why are these important?


    With #1, the scenario that often comes up is that a sales manager has an intern and wants the intern to do data entry or other administrative tasks in their Sugar account. However, the manager does not want to be prevented from using their Sugar account while this data entry occurs. So what often ends up happening is they ask us to give the intern their own license. This is a waste of a license, obviously, since the intern is not doing their own business development. 


    With #2, when a sales rep leaves the company we need to immediately deactivate their account for security reasons. However, sometimes we need extra time to determine how to reassign their contacts. Sometimes their contacts need to be divided up among multiple sales reps, requiring us to use a list import instead of using your contact reassignment tool. However, in order for me to run reports on their contacts, their account must be active! I've had to change the active/inactive status on terminated employees so many times just to get the information I need. 


    These restrictions are not customer friendly and I would like to see them changed.