Admin option for setting Multiple Login with Same User

Idea created by Ramana Raju Santhana on Oct 26, 2016
    • Sayad Sharif
    • Ishani Lad
    • Rajan Upadhyay
    • Sam Roy
    • Bhavin Patel

    Hi Friends,


    You all know or few know we can achieve this through code by override the file include/SugarOAuth2/SugarOAuth2StorageBase.php to custom/include/SugarOAuth2/SugarOAuth2StoragePlatform.php and put our new configuration for attribute numSessions. Click here for more information.

    My Idea is instead of doing it through code we can give a option in Administrator Page Under Advanced add two options:

    1. Site Environment - with dropdown option as Staging and Live. 

    2. Number of Same Users - With dropdown option from number 1 to 5.

    Here Number of Same Users selected value get it in SugarOAuth2StorageBase.php or SugarOAuth2StoragePlatform.php if and only when Site Environment is set to Staging.

    Also add one Dashboard on Home Page where we can See / Display Total number of Same User. 

    As when the application is in Development or Testing stage, this place a vital role.

    I request to sugar, to include this in your upcoming release of sugarcrm.



    Best Regards

    S Ramana Raju

    Alex Nassi