Sugarcrm Community is the best community i have ever seen.

Idea created by Sam Roy on Oct 21, 2016

    I have ever seen in any community like this.

    When i post a question in this community i would be getting very prompt reply from all users.

    Thanks to all Folks who are there in this community.

    Big Thanks to:

    Alex Nassi

    Angel Magana

    Francesca Shiekh - (Some of your Question and Answer are out of my mind madam, how can you think like that  )

    Tevfik Tümer  - Am missing you man

    Alan Apter - sudden came and disappeared now

    Mehul  Bhandari

    Offshore Evolution

    Last but not the Least Ramana Raju Santhana - Active paticipater for Developers questions, You pulled me out from many of my Problems buddy. Congrates for reaching top Rank 1. ( Today is your day.. Tomorrow is mine ..  )

    Like this there are many folks, sorry for not mentioning each names. I just listed from the Top of my observation.

    Keep rocking and make our community placed in Top.


    Please friends do mark Correct Answer for your Questions, i answered nearly 15 correct but not even 1 Answer marked me as Correct 




    Sam Roy