Group multiple Studio changes into one session/system refresh

Idea created by lsackett on Aug 24, 2016

    In version 7, any time a change is made in the Studio (new/updated field, dropdowns, layouts, etc.), it causes a system-wide refresh of all pages for all users. This makes it very difficult to make any Studio changes during business hours without affecting our users.


    I would love the ability to start something like a Studio Session, where I can click a button to start the session, go and make a bunch of changes, and click end session to send all changes to the database in one go. 

    For example, if I need to add 5 new fields and change a layout, it would be great if there could be just one update/refresh at the end of the session. Otherwise we're looking at 6 slow database updates and page refreshes for all users.


    Bonus points for ability to save session changes and schedule the database update/refresh.


    Mark Willert - add overview / confirmation of changes at end of session.