By Team - RoundRobin Lead assignment using Process Author

Idea created by Devang Mehta on Jul 29, 2016
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    Hello Team,

    At present in sugar enterprise Edition, we can implement RoundRobin Action for Lead module.

    Ideally Lead modules is taken care by one or more Marketing Team based on nature of business.


    For eg :

    Some company is managing leads for different region/purpose/product and each one is having dedicated marketing team.

    • West Marketing Team
    • East Marketing Team


    We can implement Round Robin lead assignment using process author thanks to following link.…


    Limitation/Use Case :

    If Admin wants to apply Round Robin Lead assignment for all created "New" leads having team is "West Marketing Team".

    Here Admin does not have selection to apply filter for "Team" .


    Through process author, admin can apply round robin for any lead enters in CRM but not for specific team leads only.