Support URLs that bring up pre-populated Create forms

Idea created by TMeA Promptar on May 18, 2016
    • Bhavesh Patel
    • Hiren Darji
    • Matt Marum
    • Bruce Bockius
    • TMeA Promptar
    • Brent Rollo

    Per Matt Marum suggestion:


    The title says most of it. The use case is to allow very simple integration with external (client-side) software such as:

    • Bringing up a "New Account" form where the phone number is pre-populated.
    • Bringing up a "New Call" form where the related Contact / Account / ... is pre-populated.


    Promptar ( has been able to achieve this type of integration with Sugar 6.x and 7.x up to 7.2 via #bwc URLs.

    (Sugar competitors support this, namely Salesforce and MS Dynamics).


    From our standpoint (and our customers') Sugar 7.6 is a step back in this area, forcing us to explore more complex integration options.


    Thanks for listening.


    PS: We're hopefully categorizing this idea correctly.