Include ProductBundles in Extension framework

Idea created by Francesca Shiekh on Oct 29, 2015
    • Francesca Shiekh
    In SugarCRM 7.6.1 I noticed changed in the ProductBundle Vardefs which broke prior customizations to the Quotes module.

    When changing Quotes and related modules to Sidecar, please consider allowing the extension of ProductBundles.

    In our particular case, line item tax is a lookup to a separate ERP system via API. The fact that ProductBundles tax is now a formula based field in 7.6.1 caused calculations to break and totals to exclude Tax.
    My only workaround was to restore the 7.5.1 vardef for tax by editing the ProductBundle Vardefs in a non-upgrade safe manner.

    thank you for your consideration,