suggestion: related to label

Idea created by Francesca Shiekh on Oct 29, 2015
    • Francesca Shiekh
    Currently, in SugarCRM 7.6.x, in modules with flex-relate fields the label of the field in detail view is the name of the parent module.

    In some cases, the customer may have added another relate field that potentially links to the same module as the parent.

    For example, in Tasks, we added an Account relate field.
    The Account relate field and Parent field may both be labeled "Account" in the record field in detail view.

    It would be nice if the label on the flex-relate field said "Related to: Account" instead to distinguish Relate and Flex Relate fields. This would also help the user see the difference (there are business implications in how things are related).

    I believe this can be easily achieved by modifying the format function in the parent field controller:


    and changing:

            this.context.set('record_label', {




                label: (this.tplName === 'detail') ? module : app.lang.get(this.def.label, this.module)



    to prepend the appropriate language version of "Related to: " to the module if the tplName === 'detail'.

    in a very rough test (direct editing of the minified version), this works:

            this.context.set('record_label', {


                label: (this.tplName === 'detail') ? 'Related to '+module : app.lang.get(this.def.label, this.module)


    So the change should be possible