Process Email Templates Feature Request(s)

Idea created by Jeff Bickart on Oct 29, 2015
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    • jshaheen
    • Jeff Bickart

    Email Template Feature Request(s)

    • Link to record; there should be an easy way to link to the record without having to add HTML code. This is a feature of the WorkFlow Email Templates
    • Conditional Logic: Feature that is similar to Mail Merge in a Word document. If / Else logic. For Example: {{if {::Contacts::Salutiation::} {::Contacts::Salutiation::} }}
    • Missing Name e.g. {::Contacts::Name::}
    • Missing ID e.g., {::Contacts::ID::}}
    • Email Template Editor formatting choices are limited; At a minimum the editor should have all of the same choices as the Email Template Editor, and Workflow Email Template Editor. Items missing: Bold, Italic, Underline, Link, Image, Bullets, Fonts, Styles, Tables, etc