The Sugar 7 Developer Guide needs to be improved.  Suggestions?

Idea created by Keith Neuendorff on Oct 29, 2015
    • Daniel Tronolone
    • Manjeet Kaur
    • Alan Beam
    • Keith Neuendorff
    • Paul Carlton
    • Adrian Dinu
    • Jeff Bickart
    • sonesay inthavong
    I have been developing Sugar customizations for a few years and am now mostly working with Sugar 7 systems.  There is a lot of good structures and capabilities in Sugar 7 but I am frustrated by the lack of information from Sugar about how to customize Sugar 7 beyond basic examples.  The information that is out there (from Sugar and other sources) seems to be vague, incomplete, and often out of data in regard to changes that have happened since Sugar 7.0 was released.

    To address this, I would love for Sugar to put more resources behind beefing up the Developer Guide for Sugar 7 to cover a much wider range of how Sugar 7 can be customized and to show many more examples that show a bit more complexity.

    Do any of you developers out there agree with me or how would you improve the documentation and make developing customizations easier and more consistent?