Filtering Calls and activities after upgrading to 7.2

Idea created by Chuck Chuck on Oct 29, 2015
    • Chuck Chuck
    • Pedro Bazan
    • Steve Cox
    • Marsha Hemmerich

    I was speaking with one of our Salesmen about our recent upgrade from 6.7.6 to to see what he thought.  He had several concerns and ideas.  I will present them in different conversations one at a time so others can voice their opinion (or correct our thinking).  This one is in regards to the Calls module and listings.

    First of all, when clicking on the Calls menu item, there is no "Filter" like there is in the Notes module.  This version still has the older search functionality from version 6.7.6 we were on before (Contracts, Meetings and Documents are the same way).

    His biggest complaint is that there is no longer a History section.  All of his Held calls are still displayed in the list views.  He would like the ability to filter out his completed calls so they are not cluttering up his list of calls that he needs to make.  You can sort by "Status" which brings the planned cals to the top.  There is a History Dashlet on the right side of the screen that you can open.  Unfortunately, it only allows you to go back to the last quarter.  Also, it only shows Calls, Meetings and Emails.  He would like to see Tasks included as well.

    There is a filtering mechanism above the sections for Call, Tasks & Notes on the Account record view.  You can filter Calls -> Not Held, but then you no longer see the Tasks or Notes or any other section.  You can't filter an individual section.

    Also, the Held calls still show the date in red on the list view when clicking on the Calls menu.  So now he cannot even use the red dates as a reminder of calls he needs to make.  However, the same calls date is shown in black on the Account record under the Calls section.

    I know there is a lot of info here and it may be hard to follow. Feel free to comment and ask questions.