Add ability to stop using Revenue Line Items in Ultimate edition

Idea created by Philippa Grover on Oct 29, 2015
    • Vin3 Vin3
    • Marc Hernandez
    • Philippa Grover
    • Vincent Amari
    We are using the Sugar version 7.2.1 Ultimate edition, which comes with Revenue Line Items. We are finding it very cumbersome and unnecessary for our business. We would like to simply use Leads, Opportunities and Quotes, and omit the RLI process altogether.

    Is there away to discontinue use of RLIs, and just have Opportunities? In our test instance, I tried hiding the RLI module, but it still prompts you to add an RLI when converting a Lead to an Opportunity, or when saving an Opportunity in general.

    Is there a way to disable RLIs? Or would we need to downgrade to a lesser edition, such as Professional...?