Add an 'older than' condition to filters for reports and workflows

Idea created by SiBro SiBro on Oct 29, 2015
    • lsackett
    • Yury Voloshin
    • Mishelle Fisher
    • Damien Pochon
    • KateLloyd
    • SiBro SiBro
    I'm trying to create reports and workflows based on floating ranges. So for example I want the filter for the report to be:

    Example Date > Older than > 4 weeks

    This doesn't seem to exist in reports, and I can't find any clever way around with the filters that can be used. The only way seems to be to make it:

    Example Date > Before > 

    and then entering the date from 4 weeks ago manually every time. Is this something that can be added? Can you build new filters in the architecture of Sugar and add them? Even ACT! has the ability to filter dates by 'older than', so it seems like something Sugar should be able to do, maybe I'm just missing something.