SugarCRM7 Intelligence Pane brainstorm.... List Dashlets vs Subpanels

Idea created by Francesca Shiekh on Oct 29, 2015
    • Francesca Shiekh
    As I start looking deeper into the Intelligence Pane, I don't see a huge advantage in using the Intelligence Pane for charts (unless the user is a manager... maybe...). But I do see a lot of usage for pulling in linked information from other company systems and possibly to replace some subpanels.

    What are best practices for when to use Intelligence Pane List Dashlet and when to use a Subpanel?

    My first instinct is that if you will end up removing the Actions from the top of the subpanel then remove the subpanel and give the user the option of creating/adding a Dashlet instead. (e.g. we used to have a subpanel for closed cases under Contacts in 6.5.x, an optional dashlet in the intelligence pane might make more sense)

    When do we create a Dashlet for all to use and when do we let users create their own?
    What are the technical/load caveats in giving users such "data-overload" power? And what happens when multiple users create the same dashlet? Where are these user generated custom intelligence pane dashlets stored?

    Can we restrict Intelligence Pane Dashlet creation to certain individuals (by Role or otherwise) so that end users only have the option to add/remove existing Dashlets? Should we?