Have the developers considered writing a plug in for Eventbrite?

Idea created by Anita Kovac on Oct 29, 2015
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    • Anita Kovac
    We subscribe to SUGAR CRM through our licence for WiseNet (student data base).  Eventbrite (lists all types of events for people to become involved in) has been a very successful means of filling up our free workshops as introductions to our courses.  However, unless you know how to log into eventbrite there is no way of knowing who has signed up for the workshop and we can't sync it with our own workshop booking spread sheet.  After the event we do an upload to SUGAR CRM and then have to indicate attendance by making a note against the contact file.  A plug in to add the eventbrite workshop attendees to our leads / contacts in SUGAR would be fantastic.  we could then use the SUGAR CRM information to see who and how many are attending the workshops at anyone time.
    Please excuse my lack of technical knowledge - we are not large enough to employ technical support on a full time basis.