Sugar should update to a newer TCPDF library

Idea created by Robert Caverly on Oct 29, 2015
    I have created a custom function to generate a PDF report using the built-in TCPDF - however, I need to be able to add a digital signature field to the PDF.  There is a function added in TCPDF Version 5.9 (addEmptySignatureAppearance) that will do exactly this.  Unfortunately it seems SugarCRM is still on tcpdf 4.6.  Is it possible to 'replace' the tcpdf library include with Sugar with a newer version without completely breaking the SugarPDF functions?  Has anyone done this? Successfully?

    Sugar REALLY should be on a newer version of this library! TCPDF 4.6 is now 5 years old! and the current version is 6.0.083.