Update/insert multiple email addresses to existing contacts using import

Idea created by jlabuelo on Oct 29, 2015
    • jlabuelo
    • Harold Masselink
    Hi all

    Let me explain you my case. We have already a SugarCRM CE 6.5 instance with a small db of contacts we normally use to work with. All of these contacts have already an email address, but now we would have a csv file containing the Contact_Id and a new emaill address.

    We would like to update our existing contacts db adding this new list of email addresses to each contact, but keeping the old one.

    My idea was updating these contacts using the normal "Import Contact" tool that comes by default in sugarcrm, however I am not sure if this tool would add the email address and keep the old one or it will just overwrite the existing email address by the new one

    Can any of you please confirm me how it works? and if this can not be done with the "Import Contact" how would you run this task?.

    The aim of this action is to then create a new mail campaing and send the newsletter to the email address of these contacts. However  we need to send the Campaign Mail Template to both email address old one and new one, if the contact has both. Is this possible?

    Thanks a lot guys!!!