Suggestions for improvement of the emails module and email functionality

Idea created by David Jakelic on Oct 29, 2015
    • Vin3 Vin3
    • Kevin Cook
    • David Jakelic
    • Ishani Lad
    • Hemant Patil
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    • Jeff Bickart
    8 reasons why I believe email support is half-baked in Sugar CRM:
    1. Email Reply - opens up the embedded legacy email client instead of the new (sidecar UI) compose form (fix this and users could live in Sugar)
    2. Email records are not included in the system (global) search
    3. Email records cannot be previewed from subpanels (but can be composed now in 7.2 - gee!)
    4. Email records are not available as a module in Studio, so cannot be configured (Layouts, Search, Relationships etc.)
    5. There is no list view of email records, so they cannot be reviewed, filtered, deleted
    6. Dashlet List View cannot display the From field
    7. Reports of email records cannot display the From field. Related record fields cannot be used as there is no relation (see below).
    8. Automatically imported email records (either from group accounts or SNIP) from new senders are orphaned in the system. New parent records should be created on import.
    Should any of these issues can be resolved by configuring system settings, please let me know. 

    Please don't tell me I should be writing code for these basic capabilities. After all, Sugar CRM is not an open source software company any more. I am considering the Professional Edition on-demand.