Change the 100 record limitation on SugarCRM Mobile Version 2.1

Idea created by PeterM PeterM on Oct 29, 2015
    in the release notes I found the limitation of 100 records:

    "Download of user’s records
     : Users may elect to have
    their assigned, favorited, and followed records downloaded to their
    mobile device for offline availability. The download will include up to
    100 records per module."

    For example:
    When I connect to my sugar server I get 100 accounts and also additional data from other modules that are linked to the 100 accounts.

    Manually I can download more account when I scroll down (fetching from server) but if you need a lot of data in different modules it ́s not usable.

    Is it possible to disable the limit or set it higher?
    Would be great to be able to set it from backend.