Introduce the ability to pass attributes of a target through the tracker URL to the destination page

Idea created by cda cda on Oct 29, 2015

    We are having problems understanding the campaign process when it comes to a Call To Action for an Email Campaign, specifically with trying to qualify leads. Can someone help me understand the process and/or best practices?

    We are creating targeted email lists where sometimes we do not know all the contact details (first name, last, phone, etc).

    The idea for the Email Campaign is 
    • Target receives email. Email has teaser information that should entice them to click a link for more detailed information.
    • Target clicks the link and is taken to a landing page with more information and a Call To Action
    Our concern is, just because a person clicks on the link in the email, it doesn't really mean they are a qualified lead, they may simply be curious or accidentally clicked the link.

    When on the landing page we would like the target to either call us or fill out a form with their name/phone so we can get a hold of them.

    If they fill out a form, how can we associate that form with their target entry in SugarCRM?

    Or, if we're totally off on the process, please let me know the normal way it is done.