Social Media Campaign Management

Idea created by Christopher Grenness on Oct 29, 2015
    I know that there are thirdparties offering or working on addons, modules etc. that can make SugarCRM better suited to monitor and manage our Social Media efforts (Epicom is one of them:, but I feel (agree or disagree!) that SugarCRM have been talking about and promoting Social CRM for a couple of years now, but the only real Social Media integration I find in the product is the "read only" possibility to follow a Contact or Account on Twitter (or Facebook).
    Which is a nice feature, enabling me to get even more info about a contact at a glance, but I want more.

    When I create a new Campaign today (Ent. 7.1.0) I am asked about the type of campaign:
    • Newsletter
    • Email
    • Non-email based Campaign
    But where are the Social Medias???

    My user case that I have in mind is this:
    I go to Campaigns, and create a new campaign.
    I choose "Facebook update".
    I fill in what I want to post to Facebook, what account I want to post from (my personal, our company, etc.) and when to post (immediately, or at a given time).
    I add attachments or whatever, and hit "Submit".
    SugarCRM will then take care of the rest, and give me/us updates just like an email campaign - with info on Likes, Replies, Shares etc., and if there's a landing page in the campaign/post then Sugar will monitor this and create Leads from visitors to the landing page.
    Same goes for G+, Instagram, LinkedIn (of course!), etc.

    I would love to hear your comments on this.

    This was also submitted to
    a few weeks ago, but I got a tip to use this site.