Add an option for hosting SugarCRM On-Demand in Australia

Idea created by ibrs on Oct 29, 2015

    @SugarCRM now have the ability to run Sugar On Demand in AWS in regions outside of the USA. They have recent opened a European region and if there was sufficient demand, they create a region in Australia.

    There are two key benefits:

    1. Performance: By running Sugar in the Australian AWS region, Australians and probably New Zealanders should get lower latency and hence a more responsive Sugar. I would also expect system tasks (backup) and maintenance (upgrades) would be done at a more favorable time for this region.
    2. Data sovereignty:  for some organisations (especially those in healthcare, finance and government) putting data offshore is against company policy or requries special exemptions and having an Australian region makes this easier for them.

    If you are interested in moving your On Demand instance to an Australian AWS region, or are interested in using SugarCRM if it were onshore, please let me know here and I'll bring this to the attention of the SugarCRM product manager.