Implement Ability to Alter Sugar 7 Menus via Extension Framework

Idea created by Jason Eggers on Oct 29, 2015
    Right now if I want to add a menu item to the Profile Actions menu I need to basically completely copy profileactions to a new file and tell the header to point at my new version instead. This causes 2 issues:
    1. I need to maintain my version of profileactions for every release of Sugar instead of just being able to insert a menu item dynamically, post render.
    2. I'm overriding the layout via /custom/clients/base/layouts/header/header.php which means that I may be accidentally blowing away someone else's change or that someone else may blow my customization away later on.
    More info here on the use-case:

    Is there a way safely alter the layout such as via the Ext framework? Is there a way to add elements post render via some client-side post-render hook?