Re-implement the ability to perform a mail merge from the application in Sugar 7

Idea created by community-support on Oct 29, 2015
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    Hi All. Just began using SugarCRM (v.7.1 Professional) and migrating all my data and setting things up. I am having a problem with mail merge. There is no button.

    In Sugar under system settings,  'Enable mail merge' check box is checked. In the Advanced Tab under User Setting the 'Mail Merge' check box is checked. I have a fresh install of MS Office 365 and downloaded and installed the Sugar Plug-in for Word (tried both Word 2013 and Word 365). I have Visual Studio Tools for Office 2010 Runtime and have downgraded my .NET Framework from 4.5.1 to 4.0.

    From word I am able to log into Sugar, create a template, and upload it to Sugar. However, within Sugar there is no mail merge button in the list views of accounts and contacts nor can it be found in the document module dropdown. I've looked everywhere and don't see it anywhere.

    I've searched the forums and youtube and have found nothing. Any ideas?