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Innovation Comes to You!

Posted by mweitzel Employee Sep 27, 2017

As many of you know, I love to fish. As an experienced guide once told me, "if you don't want to go hungry, then fish where the fish are." Sound advice. We recognize how busy all of you are driving deals, running your sales teams, and providing great customer service. We want to make it easier to discover and learn about the many applications in our partner ecosystem. So we are bringing that innovation directly to you.


Introducing SugarExchange in Sugar

We've created an add-on that provides an immersive browsing experience for SugarExchange in your Sugar instance. The add-on integration allows you to browse all the details for the applications. You can even watch the videos directly in Sugar!


Easily Request Information

With this add-on, you can request more information from the partner by filling out a simple form. This makes getting in contact with our partners simple and easy. 


Engage & Participate

We are just starting out on this journey and we want your feedback. You'll notice that this is a "Beta" version of the add-on. In this group, you can ask questions, start a discussion, and even post an idea for new features. Check out the "Feedback & News" link on the bottom left of the add-on. 


Thanks for checking this out! We're excited to bring innovation directly to you!