• Can't add a field via studio

    This is a first. I can usually add fields using studio or by entering the metadata in the fields_meta_data table and doing a QRR.  I am trying to add a Relate field to Campaigns in my production environment (I d...
    Francesca Shiekh
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  • Audit Studio & other admin changes

    Has anyone developed any mechanisms that would allow auditing which user made administrator changes, such as changes made via Studio and Dropdown Editor? Given that these changes are being written to the file system, ...
    Megan Sheehan
    created by Megan Sheehan
  • Hint 5.0.2 is Live

      SugarCRM has released version 5.0.2 of SugarCRM Hint. Hint provides a wide range of important, useful, actionable insights about your contacts and accounts. Insights include social media, work information, com...
    Rich Green
    created by Rich Green
  • From Target to Lead to Opportunity to Quote

    As per the title really, it seems to be an overly lengthy process just to send a Quote out:   Create a Target, add some details Convert to a Lead, add more details Convert to an Opportunity, add details ...
    Brian Curran
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  • Upgrade 6.5.22 to

    Hi Sugar   I want upgrade sugarcrm professional 6.5.22 to but the upgrade paths are broken..   In, there are 3 upgrade packages. 1.SugarPro-Upgrade-6.5.23-to- 2.SugarPro-Upgrad...
    Eric Ho
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  • Prefill DD field from related record during record create

    For example, we want to prefill a custom field on the Opportunities record with the property of the similar field on the related Accounts record.   We could achieve the same end result using an after_save logic ...
    Neil Conacher
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  • Creating a calculated field using Email of a related Record

    In studio, when creating a calculated field for a related record, I'm not able to select Email.   Here's the formula I'm using: related($atc_clientsalesreps_atc_appointments,"email")   After saving that f...
    Alex Wilder
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  • Configure the Revenue Line Item Layout When Creating an Opportunity

    29 votes
    Per the 7.6 - Create Opportunity and RLI simultaneously - change available RLI fields...? discussion, users would like the ability to configure the Revenue Line Item layout when creating an Opportunity. The inability ...
    Chris Raffle
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  • Mass Update REST API Error "Missing Parameter: massupdate_params

    Hi Everyone, I'm having struggles making a Mass Update DELETE request, I do the request using Node JS Request, but I got the error: Missing Parameter: massupdate_params.   This is the Response of the s...
    Saul Ayala
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  • Sugar should update to a newer TCPDF library

    8 votes
    I have created a custom function to generate a PDF report using the built-in TCPDF - however, I need to be able to add a digital signature field to the PDF.  There is a function added in TCPDF Version 5.9 (addEmp...
    Robert Caverly
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  • Users Teams are not listing in the detailed view

    I am currently using SugarCRM Enterprise, Version 8.0.1 (Build 239) (Spring '18). In Users detailed view page under Access tab, I couldn't not able to see all users teams.   While debugging I found out that in s...
    Parithiban G
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  • My custom pdf not working in sugarcrm 8

    Ive been trying to generate an example pdf file in sugarcrm using the example code in the documentation in this link and tried accessing it through this url:   http://sugarpro8.local.com/index.php?module=Meeting...
    karl el escobar
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  • Team permissions with custom restrictions.

    I have two teams.  I want both teams to be able to change the sales stage, but I want team A to be restricted from changing the sales stage to "Closed Won". This should only be done by Team B.  Is this possi...
    Patrick David
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  • Dropdown field disappears after 'editing' record, comes back on refresh

    I have a dropdown field that is only visible if a related module field is false.  It works fine, but when I click edit on that record(no changes made, just hit save) I return to the record view and the dropdown i...
    Patrick David
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  • How to customize the Sugar PDF Manager

    Here is another guest post from Cédric Mourizard from the Elite SugarCRM Partner Synolia.  Cedric is a well recognized expert on the Sugar PDF Manager.  In regard to some recent questions from Sugar ...
  • Update Data by Async Updates or Mass Update

    Hi Everyone,   I need to sync the products included in a quote made in an internal system of the company with the Sugar's Quotes module, sometimes a quote includes more than 20 products.   I noticed that w...
    Saul Ayala
    created by Saul Ayala
  • SugerCRM version 6.5.4 (Build 8477)  is free license ?

    I fuind SugerCRM version 6.5.4(Build 8477) module at server. It was a next copyright. Is this still valid?   Copyright © 2004-2012 SugarCRM Inc. The Program is provided AS IS, without warranty. Licensed under ...
    Motoki Mtsuura
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  • Sugar Enterprise Portal - Hiding "Sign Up" Button.

    Sometimes, it may be desirable to hide the "Sign up" button for the Portal:     Initially, I thought the file to modify would be in the portal2 folder. Specifically portal2/portal.js but it turns out what...
    Rachael Clemente
    created by Rachael Clemente
  • How to auto populate relate fields data of one module while creating record from relate field

    Hi Everyone,   I want to create a record from relate field(custom modules relate field Ex : Enrollment) in Opportunities module and in the create view of record I want to auto-populate the data of other relate f...
    Sarojini Buddana
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  • Using a custom filter in a custom view

    Hi,   I'm following the custom meeting view in:   https://mobiletools.sugarcrm.com/docs/latest/sdk/docs/sdk/tutorial-meetings-list-view.html    Which has a filterDef as:      ...
    Steven Cox
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