• Send note file with email as attachment

    Hi,   In case record i have an note record with file attachment under "Notes" subpanel. I need to send that file from note record with email as attachment.   Currently the email is sending using ($mail = ...
    Muhammad Shaji Uddin
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  • Get id of sent email

    Hi,   In after_save logichooks I used "$mail = new SugarPHPMailer();" for sending emails I need to get the ID of email which is sent. I tried to get id from "$mail->id" but its not working   Basically ...
    Muhammad Shaji Uddin
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  • Sugar Cloud Maintenance Scheduled for Saturday, August 24th, 2019

    On Saturday, Saturday, August 24th, 2019, beginning at 17:00 PDT, SugarCRM will be performing maintenance to the Sugar cloud environment. This work will occur during our scheduled weekly maintenance win...
    Ron McCorkle
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  • Can't access to the Mobile SDK Documentation

    Hello everyone! I need your help. I've been trying to access to Mobile SDK Documentation for days but the page always gives me the following messages:     Does anyone know when they re-enable the ...
    Salvador  Lopez
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  • How do I create a calculated field that returns a %?

    Hello, I am using Sugar Enterprise and can't figure out how to create a custom field that calculates a % based on two $ fields.  I feel like I am probably missing the obvious answer.  I can make a field tha...
    cdmeehan135 cdmeehan135
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  • Why sugarcrm use ^ for saving multienum field value?

    Why sugarcrm use ^value1^,^value2^,^value3^ instead of value1,value2,value3 for multienum field values? multi-enum
    Zakria Rehan
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  • outlook plugin

    I am trying to use the Sugar Plugin for Outlook 2.6.3 with Outlook 2016 (Microsoft Office Home and Business 2016).   I tried setting the Outlook Options to "Optimize for Compatibility" and then installing t...
    Kevin Glick
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  • Take photos and save with Meeting records?

    Hi, We are using a customised/branded version of the SDK mobile app, which utilises the Meetings module to schedule jobs for our field operatives.   When arriving at a job location, we want our operatives&...
    Brian Curran
    created by Brian Curran
  • Hint data

    where does hint get its data? and does it or can it include the linkedin data of lead / contact / company?
    lee Ingham
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  • My legacy dashboard is  not showing in Home module

    Hi,   We are using SugaCRM 9.1(Professional version). when Go to Home tab and click on the "My legacy Dashboard" i am not able seeing the dashboards but it is showing a blank page.   Thanks, Mahesh
    Mahesh Poojari
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  • Questions of Campaigns module API

    Hi, Everyone I want to get the mail tracker data in "Campaigns" action=TrackDetailView whit API , Is there any way to get these data whit API or in the logic hooks code ? Thanks for helping!
    cheng yuzen
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  • Formula Builder; Multiplying 2 fields?

    So, I'm looking to create a new field called 'factored revenue'.   This is the formula I created but doesn't work - multiply(number($amount),number($opp_percentage_c))   So as you can see I want the amoun...
    Jame Ashcroft
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  • Reference: Calculated Field formulas!

    I'm converting this post into a compendium of useful calculated field formulas that do not require any code customization to be effective.  Feel free to post some of your own calculated field formulas below (or m...
    Kyle Smith
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  • Excel plug-in is not responding

    i downloaded and installed the excel plug in, logged in, then clicked the query wizard and nothing happens. Am I doing something wrong?
    fritz fritz
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  • Excel 2013 Plugin not working

    I am currently running Windows 8.1 and using Excel 2013 32-bit. I have installed the April 2015 plugin for Excel 2013. I am able to login and have connection to my On-Demand instance of Sugar Enterprise version 7.6.1....
    Stephen Valentine
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  • Add Activity Stream as an optional notification channel in Workflows

    15 votes
    This is obvious, isn't it? The key prerequisite should be a decent system notifications for A.S. mentions: Notify users when mentioned in Activity Stream posts via Notification Center
    David Jakelic
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  • [2019-08-22, 1:53 PM UTC] Known Cloud Issues - Sugar Cloud US 13

    We are currently addressing an issue in our cloud environment where instances hosted on the ondemandus13 stack are currently experiencing performance issues. For information on identifying the stack where your instanc...
    Catalin Chertita
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  • How to document Changes

    Greetings Developers,   My Instance have stacked up a lot of modifications on a lot of fronts (multiple workflows that depends on one another, old workflows, bussiness rules, schedulers, logic hooks, etc). What...
    Giovanni Marazzi
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  • Show custom view in Record layout only when a specific TAB selected

    I have a custom view that I have added in record layout. So that on RecordView of the module, I have my custom view displays.   Current Behaviour: -- My new custom view is displaying after the existing/default ...
    Shivam Tailor
    created by Shivam Tailor
  • Is it possible to redirect to the associated opportunity record after converting a lead?

    I am interested in redirecting to the associated opportunity record once the lead is converted.   I know that I would achieve this by overriding custom-main.js in custom/modules/Leads/clients/base/layouts/conve...
    Jake Ashley
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