• Provide a Utility for Managing Images for PDF Templates

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    Currently, the Sugar default PDF templates contain a logo file embedded in the template for SugarCRM. However, there is no clear mechanism to embed another image unless the image is hosted at a URL outside of the Suga...
    Chris Raffle
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  • Get content of custom dropdown lists

    Hi all   Our customers interface with data stored in SugarCRM  through a wordpress website via the Sugar API. In sugar we have a dropdown list  in the cases module (customersstatedissue_c) which contai...
    john Fieldsend
    created by john Fieldsend
  • send an email after contact updates in backbone.js

    following from my previous question, I have a button to reset a contacts password field and want to send the contact an email once the update is complete the function that updates the row is   resetUserPassword:...
    john Fieldsend
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  • How can I change the SugarCRM image on the PDF quote template?

    I have an image that I want to use. I want to upload the image to Sugar instead of hosting it somewhere else. How can I upload it to Sugar so it is available to the PDF manager?
    John Harr
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  • How to do Rename file and Rebuild JS Grouping at SugarOnDemand

    Hello Folks How to rename the file before installing the addon at Sugar on Demand. And Also Rebuild JS Grouping Files using coding.   I have tried using $uploadFile->duplicate_file But not wo...
    Mehul  Bhandari
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  • Email address not saving in elasticsearch for Target Import

    While importing targets email address not saved in Global search. However, once we re-save the same record then it persists. How to save email address in elastic search while importing. Please help!   Thanks!
    pavan agrawal
    created by pavan agrawal
  • How to get the field from another module and display it into a different module?

    I know about the relationship but they only get the primary field, not the other fields. For example, I have two modules, module 1 holds the personal information of the user while module 2 let us say holds the person'...
    Rodolfo Tuble
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  • How to show the field of a module in List View another module?

    Hello All, Is it possible have a field another module in List View using just Studio or Administration Dashboard? For example: A field billing_address_state in Account module to be showed in List view Project Module&a...
    Ivan Lemos
    created by Ivan Lemos
  • Product Catalog Indent

    Sugar Product Catalog has nice indent folder structure, however once you have very long item names, you will have difficulty trying to choose the products. Is there any way to have the different folders in the same c...
    Yan Yu Yong
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  • Issue with pie chart when there is only one value

    Hi, I am trying to use pie charts in my application Sugar 7.9. In the legend when all values are hidden and only value value displayed, the pie chart size is dramatically increasing and it is being cut from ...
    Vamshi P
    created by Vamshi P
  • Is anyone using Quotes for Services instead of Products?

    Hi, I've been looking at implementing Quotes for our B2B service business but it's all based on Products with stock, part numbers etc.   We currently use Quotient, which includes descriptions under each line it...
    Brian Curran
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  • "Unexpected values found in emails" when upgrading to 8.0

    Hello,   When doing the upgrade from 7.9.4 to 8.0, I had this warning during the healthcheck :   82. Unexpected values found in emails Invalid status and type for emails: status=read, type=out Learn more.....
    Nicolas Urech
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  • Add missing rows for cstm tables

    Hi everyone   I have added in a new custom field for a custom module at a later date after it was deployed. This module never had any custom fields before and now has a new one so the _cstm table is created. My ...
    sonesay inthavong
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  • What is this error in Outlook plugin log?

      Test pass however sidepanel shows otherwise~     Log error below:   2018-12-05 17:00:00,481 [VSTA_Main] ERROR Sugar.Outlook.Outlook - RDOSession can't be initialized System.InvalidCastExcept...
    Yan Yu Yong
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  • Lost ability to select "Copy" on Contracts module

    When we updated to version 8.0.2, our regular users who were previously able to copy Contract records have lost that ability.    Users with Admin privileges are still able to select Copy.    I co...
    Cecilia Hanson
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  • Displaying international Product Catalogue

    Hi Community,   has someone ever faced the challenge to display an international Product Catalogue?   Imagine you have a world wide company selling the same items but using their local product names (i.e. ...
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  • Auto populate note / task name with Opportunity name

    When creating a note / task from a subpanel in Opportunities, is it possible to pre-populate the name of note / task with the name of the opportunity? This needs to work on mobile as well, so I can't do it in jav...
    Ryan Horton
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  • Create a report that only shows records marked as a favorite

    Hi, we are using SugarCRM Professional  In the past we have been able to create reports that only includes records marked as a favorite.  E.g one of our sales managers have asked his sales team to m...
    Fredrik Hugosson
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  • Capturing age of an opportunity when its closed won

    I'm trying to calculate the age of an opportunity when the opportunity stage becomes “Closed Won”.  I used the steps as described in SugarCRM knowledge base - "Capturing the Age of Closed Wo...
    Jaqueline Bargmann
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  • Do not show help text while search/filtering

    I created a helper text for a a field in a module.  It appears when I filter on this field.  I do not want that.  How do I only allow it to show in specific locations like the record view?  Please ...
    Patrick David
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