• point of sale

    Are we able to integrate communication from e.g. Sugar Market or Sugar Sell to a Point of Sales?
    Sofia Jonsson
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  • Birthday email campaign

    Hi! In Sugar Market, how would you select contacts whose birthday is today to automatically send them an email? Thank you!
    François Lhuissier
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  • Hint 5.3.2 Is Live

    SugarCRM has released version 5.3.2 of Sugar Hint. Hint automates the process of researching and recording up-to-date and accurate information on prospects and customers. It provides a wide range of important, useful,...
    Rich Green
    created by Rich Green
  • Ability to have multiple attachments

    3 votes
    Looking to understand what customers are looking to add multiple attachments to a notes module. If so, what is your use case like for the desktop and the mobile phone device?
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  • Add ability to upload multiple attachments to a message in Portal

    3 votes
    Often I need to attach multiple screen shots to cases in Support Portal. At this time, only one file can be attached to a message. This means that I need to create multiple messages just to include all the attachments...
    Yury Voloshin
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  • Ideas for Scheduled reports

    2 votes
    I need the ability to have scheduled reports in excel format and have it emailed to other email addresses.
    Sara Bockserman
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  • Utilizing external storage for Document Files

    A common request we hear is for a solution to store files that are attached to records in an external location. For example: "How can I store uploaded documents in Box.com and include a reference to the file in S...
    Michael Shaheen
    created by Michael Shaheen
  • Release RoundUp Sugar Q3 2020 ( 10.1)

    Open video

  • Increase Timeout in Sugar.API Call Request

    Hi, Is there any way to set a Timeout Key in Sugar.API.Call to increase request time from 30000 ms to more.   Thanks, Shrikant
    Shrikant  Borkar
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  • How to make related field search box readonly in record.js

    I want to make read-only to the related field search box on change other field or on page load in record.js
    Laxmichand Saini
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  • Remove/Hide sub-panel

    Hello Developers,   I'm working with sugar 8.3. I have created 1-M relationship with Contacts(1) and Opportunities(M). There is already default sub-panel display under Contacts. And after creating custom relati...
    Juned Rawoot
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  • How to revalidate OAuth Token in Sugar Integrate Instance

    Hi,   I am new to Sugar Integrate and I have created Instance for Sugar Enterprise Adapter. My token is always expiring frequently. Do we have any way to revalidate token like how we do in restful API using refr...
    poojitha katram
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  • Change the country field to a dropdown list by default

    21 votes
    Hi,   everytime we see a SugarCRM system again some time after the Rollout, we are nearly everytime confronted with the problem that the country field is free text. This causes huge problems because people are f...
    Mark Willert
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  • Idea: Allow for an Unlicensed API-only user

    69 votes
    It would be nice to be able to have an API user that does not count against licensed users. Using an existing front end user is not practical. thanks, FrancescaS
    Francesca Shiekh
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  • Enforce Required Fields When Creating Contact in Outlook Plugin (OPI)

    0 votes
    My users have used the Outlook plugin to create thousands of contacts that are missing important required fields.    There should be a way to enforce required fields when using the OL plugin. After you fill...
    Jacquelyn Lane
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  • Is it possible to archive several e-mails at once with the outlook plugin?

    I would like to mark several (i.e. more than 100) e-mails to different recipients  from a Word/Outlook mail merge and Transfer them with one click to Sugar using the Outlook Plugin. At the moment, I click on each...
    Stefanie Bartle
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  • Custom Dependency on Decimal Field

    Hi,   I have a `total_cost` that is a currency field. I need to create a custom dependency on other field based on this `total_cost` field.    Consider there is a field `limit` that should be req...
    Parithiban G
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  • add a visible formula on multiselect field

    There is multiselect field "request_type" and a text area field "referred_by_other".   I want to add a visible formula on multiselect field:   when the value of "request_type" selected is “Other&#...
    Richa Goel
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  • How do I change the default answer in a dropdown?  I added what I wanted, and arrange them so it is on top but it still defaults to another answer?

    I created a dropdown with yes or no as the choices.  It defaulted to Yes.  I now want it to default to blank.  I created a blank field in dropdown editor, made it the top answer and it's still defaultin...
    Amy Frybarger
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  • Sending Info to a specific endpoint

    Is there a way to send a notification after an event has been trigger to a specific endpoint?(other than mail)    Basically like an auto-reply when someone creates a ticket/case but instead of receiving a n...
    Karen Escritorio
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