• Match Account Currency To Order Currency Always

    Hi there,   I was wondering if there is a way of setting a currency for the account which every order/quote is always prepared in. For example, if the customer is a European account then they will always have th...
    Huzayfah Bukhat
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  • Hide Products in the Catalog

    Is there an administrative way to hide products in the catalog until they are ready to be sold? (Sugar Pro There are a variety of reasons we need to do this now, and more reasons I can think of for the futu...
    Missy Brooks
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  • How to Report on Products Not Quoted

    We will hopefully be moving to Enterprise 8.0 soon - and I think there is a way to do this easily.  For now - is there a way to run a report on products in our catalog that we haven't Quoted in a period of ...
    Missy Brooks
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  • Changing the primary button color

    According to the "Themes" documentation, I can change my primary button color by setting the following in my "custom/themes/clients/base/default/variables.php" file.   <?php $lessdefs = [     '...
    Darin Webb
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  • Which SugarCRM versions does v11_4 REST API support

    Hi,   I am using SugarCRM v11_4 REST API (which is SugarCRM version 8.3). I believe it only supports Sugar cloud versions. I need to know which version of SugarCRM it supports. Does it only support REST API v10 ...
    R V
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  • How to create custom date filter

    I'm wondering if it's possible to create a custom date filter.  As you see in the screenshot date filters come with several options.  I would like to add a couple options such as "Last Month" or "Last xx day...
    Tom Noel
    created by Tom Noel
  • Schedule Report to run last day of month.

    I need to run a report after close of business on the last day of every month. eg. at 9pm. How do I set up a schedule to do it? can I set a workflow to run a report? Can I add a new entry in the schedule dropdown li...
    Howard Jennings
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  • SugarCRM Mobile SDK - Update Plugin to Support 64-bit architecture(Android)

    Hello,   I'm getting issue while uploading my custom SugarCRM mobile application on android play store. Starting August 1, 2019, android apps published on Google Play will need to support 64-bit architectur...
    Shrikant  Borkar
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  • How add custom field in report scheduled window

    Hello Developers, I want to upgrade /modules/Reports/tpls/AddSchedule.tpl. and add one custom dropdown field and save value in database. Is there any way to upgrade this tpl file and save value in database.? 
    Juned Rawoot
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  • Conditionally Hide\show tabs in record view?

    Hi,   I have seen in other threads where you can conditionally hide\show panels in a records Detail view.   Is it possible to similarly control the visibility of Tabs in a records Detail view?   I ha...
    Greg Mackey
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  • Invalid usage of a function array_map()

    When trying to upload a package containing a logic hook to a sugar on demand environment, I am getting the error "Invalid usage of a function array_map()" The usage of array_map is here: $serviceTypeList = array_map...
    Steven Osborne
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  • Invalid usage of a reserved method name unlink() Sugar7

    This was also mentioned as ... and i have resolved all by using SugarAutoLoader but unable to resolve this problem. Please help   Invalid usage of a function file_exists() Invalid usage of a function file_e...
    Saeed Techloyce
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  • Auto Populate values from relationship

    Is there any way to populate values from relationship which is created from studio $dictionary['<SO_Module>']['fields']['<COF_relate_name>']['populate_list']['name']='<field_in_SO_module>'; //populat...
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  • Vendor Folder Alternate! for SugarCRM ondemand (9.x)

    Hey community, Really need your wise help into this matter. I am building extensions for SugarCRM oncloud( *.sugarondemand.com). Twilio is the first one. Because of code restriction, Twilio Vendor folder is not gettin...
    Ashish Dwivedi
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  • Update Records with API without changing Modified User or Modified Time

    Is there a way to update records using the API without changing the Modified user or time?   I know this can be done when updating a record using a logic hook, but I need to do it using the API.   I tried ...
    Greg Billings
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  • Can I update Contact Emails as Opted-Out via Import?

    I have a list of Contact email addresses from our Email Marketing System (MailChimp) and want to set their SugarCRM Email Status based on MailChimp status (e.g. MailChimp "Unsubscribe" = SugarCRM Contact Email Opted-O...
    Vince Outlaw
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  • Set default contact fields when creating from an account

    When we create Contacts from an Account (via the subpanel), we'd like to have the Contact Assigned To and Teams fields be the same as the Account, with the option to then change before saving the new Contact. We'd lik...
    Vince Outlaw
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  • Change options in a dropdown field when a relate field changes

    Hi All,               Can you update how to change the drop down field when a relate field changes. On change event we are checking the condition and doing...
    sidhu sidhu
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  • REST API - Update Textarea Field with 40KB data amount

    Dear community, We're running our CRM (Version 8.0.3) on Windows with an IIS as web server. Database is Oracle. SUGAR-CRM is the only application on that server. Oracle is hosted on a separate Unix-Server in the sam...
    Rene Ryhner
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  • SugarCRM New Product Line Technical FAQ

    In response to the recent evolution of the SugarCRM product line, we’ve compiled a list of answers to some common questions that we have received from the developer community about our new products. This FAQ wil...
    Michael Shaheen
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