• "Test for .htaccess rewrites failed. This usually means you do not have AllowOverride set up for Sugar directory." error during installation

    Hi, I am setting up a new environment on a fresh Ubuntu install. I copied the installation files for Sugar 7.2 Enterprise and I started the installation process. During the check I get this message Test for .htacce...
    Marco Pierobon
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  • Sugar Cloud Maintenance Scheduled for Saturday, September 21, 2019

    On Saturday, September 21, 2019, beginning at 17:00 PDT, SugarCRM will be performing maintenance to the Sugar cloud environment. This work will occur during our scheduled weekly maintenance window. Maintenan...
    Ron McCorkle
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  • Refresh lookups from relate field

    I have created a custom module (call it module A) with several fields that are relate fields from another custom module (call it module B). I have created a vardefs extension for each of these relate fields that looks...
    Andrew Rappaport
    created by Andrew Rappaport
  • [2019-09-21, 01:16 UTC] Known Cloud Issues - Sugar Cloud US 10

    We are currently addressing an issue in our cloud environment where instances hosted on the Sugar Cloud US 10 stack are currently experiencing performance issues. For information on identifying the stack where yo...
    Rudolf Gati
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  • add duplicate email column to duplicate check on lead save

    When saving a new lead and there is another lead with the same email, i get the Duplicate screen, with a table of the leads that have the same email. but the email column is not shown - only the first name, last ...
    Asaf Army
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  • How to manually create dependent dropdowns

    The documentation section Manually Creating Custom Fields provides a good description of creating fields using the module loader, including dropdowns. But how can I do the same thing for dependent dropdowns, wher...
    Yury Voloshin
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  • Assign Team on new record creation

    Hi all,   we are currently looking into segregating our system by teams. Previously we already had teams assigned to users, but all records in our system were defaulted "Global".   I started changing all ...
    Fabian Varasteh
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  • Is there a way to create an email template that includes a variable for the current date?

    As the questions asks, I am looking for a way to add a variable for the current date to an email template. Is this possible?   Sugar On Demand 9.1 Professional
    Jake Ashley
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  • Module Relationships load_relationship()

    Hi all,   been busy learning lots about sugar and made masses of progress with moving from Salesforce to sugar CRM but just hit another snag and wanted to check if my login or understanding was correct.   ...
    john Fieldsend
    created by john Fieldsend
  • Setting up Cron Jobs

    I am trying to run Scheduled jobs on a local instance of Sugar.  I have my local instance of Sugar running in a vagrant virtualbox.  Can anyone point me in the right direction on how to set up the cron on a ...
    Brian Hearn
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  • Performance optimilization for relationships

    Hi,    we are currently in the process of finding a solution for some performance issues we face when working with SugarCRM. On my local development environment I try to add tags to 100 accounts. I do this ...
    Jeroen Somhorst
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  • Add ability to duplicate dropdown lists

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    A few times now I've had the need to create dropdown lists that were very similar to an existing dropdown list, though with small but significant differences. Each time I had to create a list from scratch. Since these...
    Yury Voloshin
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  • The changes I make in my quotes.js files are not reflecting. Please help

    I follow the steps below to make changes in js file 1. access Quotes -  /var/www/Vhost/SugarCrm/modules/Quotes 2.Then in quotes.js I add this code alert('test'); 3. Under Admin-Repair I did the following: a.Quick...
    Kushank Jain
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  • How to Add Values to the Date Type Field Default Value Dropdown

    I have a client that wants a date field to default to 60 days from today.   The current default list in Studio lists: yesterday, today, tomorrow, next week, next monday, next friday, two weeks, next month, first...
    John Boyes
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  • Parent Dependent dropdown field is not filtering dropdown values based on the parent selection in Reports.

    Hi All,   We have created parent dependent dropdown field in studio i,e, Type and Category field. Based on the selection of different types, different categories should be populated which is a dependent field. I...
    Yashgeet Saluja
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  • Are unique Form names and IDs supported for webtolead

    We have put custom WebToLead forms on our website and they are working fine. They are standard 1 form/page in the body. We are trying to add in an overlay sidecar that has a GetSupport and GetQuote titles on the bu...
    Bob Schumann
    created by Bob Schumann
  • Upgrade 8.0.3 -> 9.0.1 upgrade fails 'Exception: Invalid link team_link'

    Hi,   We are currently upgrading one instance from 8.0.3 to 9.0.1. and are running into a strange issue. When the upgrade is done and the after upgrade scripts are running we get the following error in the ugpra...
    Jeroen Somhorst
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  • Custom error message not working in create.js

    Hello All,   I am trying this way to display a custom error message   ({ extendsFrom: 'CreateView', initialize: function (options) { this._super('initialize', [options]); app.error.errorName2Keys['cust...
    Sino Thomas
    created by Sino Thomas
  • How to convert from opportunity module to a custom module?

    I have a custom module called PROJECT, i want to convert an opportunity to a project, both modules have some fields in common. How do i get the data from opp to project for those in common fields?   Using Sugar ...
    Nicola Caobianco
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  • Can i ensure all Contacts under an Account automatically get assigned to the Account's Assigned To/User?

    Hi Team,   When you create Contacts from an Account (record) by using the + button, the contacts are automatically assigned to whoever is adding it. I would like to know if you guys know of any way that we can e...
    Peter Pavisic
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