• Custom API error message

    Hello to everybody,     We need to control that some fields of type text only has numeric values (not ask why...) at both UI and API request level so when a regular user creates/edit a record and save it a ...
  • How to change the Status and Notifying a User on Case Update Emails using Process Definition?

    Hi,   Why can't i do this in process definition?    https://support.sugarcrm.com/Knowledge_Base/Administration/Workflows/Changing_the_Status_and_Notifying_a_User_on_Case_Up… 
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  • Changing the Status and Notifying a User on Case Update Emails via Advanced Workflows

    Sugar's inbound email functionality allows emails to be automatically associated with existing cases when the email's subject includes the case macro. When this occurs, it would be helpful for the status of the case t...
    Jeff Bickart
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  • How to query an opportunity field not updated in 30 days

    I want to create an advanced report to track opportunities that have not had any updates to the Next Steps field in the past 30 days, but am having trouble with the query.  Can anyone give suggestions on how to w...
    Patrick Comune
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  • Is it possible to not use Empty Field Pills for a specific field?

    Is there a way to have a field not be editable on the record view? (I do not see any configuration option for this.)   I am having a problem with iframes in the new UI with the iframe not being shown because Emp...
    Jeff Ward
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  • v10 How do I un-hide fields?

    Hello,   I am having a problem adding an iframe in v10. I can add the iframe through studio, but when I try to viw it in the record view, it shows up as  a button surrounded by a grey dashed line, with a + ...
    Jeff Ward
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  • How set readOnly dynamically in record.js?

    I'm need set readOnly in custom field when logged user not admin in record.js if(app.user.get('type') == 'admin')   //set readOnly field else   //set editable fiel
    Rodolfo Jesus
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  • How to remove append contact multi email Save.

    How to remove or restrict multiple email insert in contact create .  or I want to make Normal email field contact module. save only single email remove multi email save features or plus button.    ...
    M Gupta
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  • How to remove/disable by permanently sidebar pane (right side Dashboard) in Sugarcrm 9.1 from list view and Record View to all Module

      How to remove/disable by permanently sidebar pane (right side Dashboard) in Sugarcrm 9.1 from list view and Record View to all Module.sugar10.sugarcrm 9.1developer preview developer 
    M Gupta
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  • Subpanel with external database table

    I am working with Sugarcrm 8 ENT versdion, I want to display values from external ERP as a Sub panel in Accounts module.   How can display legacy/external database table values in Accounts module subpanel.
    Sino Thomas
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  • Calling a Sugar Integrate Procedure from an external platform

    There is a lot you can do with Sugar Integrate. In most of the demos we have released, our examples show a Procedure that is triggered by an event in a platform like Sugar Sell. But what about when we want a Procedure...
    Michael Shaheen
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  • transfer an opportunity between accounts

    I recently joined a new company. My predecessor created 2 separate accounts for one company, one for HQ and one for the branch.  I was able to change it to a parent/child relationship using the Membership pane.&#...
    Vince Tornillo
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  • How to update options after sync in Javascript?

    Hi, we have a multiselect with some deprecated values. The deprecated values should be removed if not in saved values. This is what I tried in the module record..js:     _filterLocations: function() &#...
    Harald Kampen
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  • SugarCRM 7  How can I re-render a multi enum?

    I want to change the dropdown options on a multi-enum (descriptors) based on another dropdown (product). Dependencies and visibility grids don't help here because they don't work on multienum (as far as I know). I h...
    Francesca Shiekh
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  • Our Favorite 5 Sugar Tools to Boost Sales in 2020

    1/20/20 11:00 PM
    It’s the new year and now's the perfect time to dive into our five favorite Sugar tools that will boost your sales in 2020. Join us on January 21st at 2 PM Eastern for our upcoming webinar where curren...
    Sarah Friedlander Garcia
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    Our Favorite 5 Sugar Tools to Boost Sales in 2020

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  • Calculating Opportunity Aging from Advance Reports

    We wanted to be able to create a report that will calculate opportunity aging without creating a bunch of new fields in Sugar. The idea behind this is I can create an Advanced Report query that would add calculated va...
    Niegel Leoncio
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  • Make Revenue Line Item 'Unit Price' editable after the Relationship is populated with Product Catalogue record?

    Posting here (dev) after initially looking at this from admin and also found an admin page with the same question: How can I make the unit price editable after a revenue line item is created?    We do not ...
    Luke Ridgway
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  • How to communicate with desktop application

    I have a requirement to read data from a desktop application and update in the Accounts record.How can I do it ?   Please help me to find a solution to interact with desktop application
    Sino Thomas
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  • failed on install 80%

    Hi All,   I am working on customization and when I install it does not finish the install and stuck on 80% cannot see any errors in Sugar.      
    Rodrigo Manara
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  • API REST language

    I am trying to get the labels in Spanish in API REST: url = "https://" + sugar_instance + "/rest/v11_5/Contacts" I have seen that I have to use "/lang/es_ES" but I am not able to make it work. (error 404 )   ho...
    Alvaro Fernandez Zurro
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