Sugar 10.1 (Q3 2020) Customization Guide

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The purpose of this document is to provide insight to Sugar Developers for upgrading custom Sugar code, extensions, and integrations to the Sugar Q3 2020 release. This guide focuses on changes in Sugar Q3 2020 that could cause an immediate impact on Sugar customizations and integrations built for Sugar 10.0 (Q2 2020). 



Sugar Instance Upgrade Path 

The upgrade path for 10.1.0-preview.1 and 10.1.0-preview.2 (this "Preview") is from 10.0 (Q2 2020). There will be no upgrade path from 10.1.0-preview.1 and 10.1.0-preview.2 to the GA version of the Sugar Q3 2020 releases.


Expected to Affect Few Developers

This section explains items expected to have a low impact on Sugar customizations and integrations when migrated to Sugar 10.1. It is expected that these items will affect few developers. This release addressed many smaller bug fixes and UI changes. There are not many issues that require special attention from a development standpoint. You may want to take note of the following regarding your customizations before you upgrade: 



This is a high-level list of many of the features in this release. As preview program participants test the upcoming release, bugs, tips, etc are often uncovered. We will post those things to look out for throughout the preview period. Check back often!



  • Users may now apply a single sales stage value to all open RLIs in an opportunity at once which will move the entire opportunity from stage to stage without editing each RLI individually.
  • When editing an opportunity, particularly the Expected Close Date, Sales Stage, and Service Start Date fields, Update open Revenue Line Items field will default to unchecked. Each time the field enters edit mode, this value will be unchecked.
  • When an opportunity has no open RLIs, the Sales Stage or Expected Close Date fields will not be editable
  • In the Opportunities Record View Dashlet, Sales Stage and Expected Close Date are now editable with Cascade functionality on ENT/Sell and normally editable on PRO. These two fields were readonly. A new Service Start Date field has also been added which would follow the behavior of the other two cascade fields but only for Sell as it depends on a Opp having at least one service RLI
  • RLI discounts now match the QLI's Discount on Quotes worksheet. RLIs will now support discounts in percentage or flat amounts


Advanced Workflows - Ent/sell/serve

  • Refresh button has been added to the Process list view.



  • When editing or creating a record, the first input text field will have focus on first load
  • The ability for admins to copy and delete existing employees has been restored. (had been removed in 8.0)
  • In text areas, URLs will be automatically hyperlinked upon save
  • 4 system email templates can now be configured in the UI via Emails > View Email Templates. These templates are:
  • Assignment Notification Emails
  • Meeting Invite Emails
  • Call Invite Emails
  • Scheduled Report Emails


New Shift module

  • New module for Shifts has been added
  • Out of the box fields are:
    • Name
    • Description
    • Time Zone
    • Start Date
    • End Date
    • Checkbox for each day of the week (like Business Centers but with a checkbox instead of dropdown)
    • Start Time for each day (like Business Centers)
    • End Time for each day (like Business Centers)
    • Created By
    • Date Created
    • Modified By
    • Date Modified
    • Tags
    • Teams
    • Assigned to
  • Users sub-panel for Shifts module
    • Similar to Business Centers


New Purchases and Purchased Line Items modules

  • Purchases represent goods and services we’ve sold to this account.
  • Purchased Line Items represent each time we’ve sold this item to this account.
  • For Sugar Serve users, this brings unprecedented visibility into customer entitlement and support needs - an important bridge from the sales world at the right, actionable depth for customer service professionals.
  • By default, new purchase data will be generated as each opportunity is won


Module Loader

  • Now, when a custom module is uninstalled, all associated workflows will also be removed