On-Boarding new Sugar Developers

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What steps should a partner or customer follow in order to on-board themselves or a colleague as a new Sugar Developer to ensure they have access to all necessary resources to do development?


Access to Sugar On-Site software downloads and mobile development tools is controlled using the Download Software permission. Read below to learn more about how to provide your new developers this permission.




You need to work for a current Sugar Customer or Sugar Partner with an active Sugar subscription. Access is only provided to authorized persons who are associated with these organizations.


Step 1: Register with Sugar Community


All new Sugar Developers should visit the Sugar Community (https://community.sugarcrm.com) and click the "Log in" link and then "Register". Developers should use their organizational e-mail address. For example, their e-mail should be @companyname.com instead of @gmail.com.



This will register them with SugarCRM.com and setup their Sugar Community account which is the place to get help with Sugar development questions. Using the organizational e-mail address will help ensure that the developer is properly visible in later steps. The e-mail domain is used to auto-associate with the right organization.


Step 2: Enable Download Software access for the Developer


Typically, the primary contact for a Customer or Partner will have the Manage Employees permission. This is often the person who purchased Sugar via the shopping cart or the person who signed or clicked thru the Partner agreement.


This person must log in to SugarCRM.com



From the Profile menu, they can select My Company.


From the Employees tab, they can then control which employees have access to Download Software but also who can Manage Employees which will allow others to perform this action in the future. It is a good idea to have at least one person as a backup who has the Manage Employees permission if the primary contact is unavailable.



Once a developer has the Download Software permission, then they should be able to access what they need in the next step.


Step 3: Visit Download Manager or Developer Builds space to access Sugar code

Sugar On-Site software downloads are available for Partners and Sugar On-Site customers only.

Developers should then be able to Log In to SugarCRM.com and visit Download Manager (https://store.sugarcrm.com/download).


The developer can then download any Sugar software associated with the company account. The dropdown list that appears may have different items in it depending on access control rules.


Developers will also need to know the subscription key to enter into the Sugar installer. Subscription information can be reached via the Profile menu.



Are you a SugarCloud customer?


SugarCloudDeveloper Builds are available for all partners and customers for development and test purposes only.


Step 4: Visit the Mobile Tools portal to access Mobile SDK and MACS

Access to Mobile Tools is only available to Partners and Sugar Enterprise and Ultimate customers only.

From Download Manager, you will find an option called Mobile Tools. Selecting this option will redirect your browser to the Mobile Tools Portal (https://mobiletools.sugarcrm.com).



From there you will be able to access MACS and the Mobile SDK.


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