Latest App Throwdown 2017 Submissions

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App Throwdown Winners Announced! 

To kick off SugarCon 2017, we announced the winners of this year's App Throwdown during our opening reception. I'd like to extend huge CONGRATULATIONS to the following teams who threw it down and won their category. You can see these teams in action on Wednesday at the SugarCon App Throwdown where they will compete for bragging rights to have the "Ultimate Superpower!" Read More >

Age of the Customer vs. Artificial Intelligence - Who will win? 

In the "Age of the Customer", AI is the new superpower.  

Riva and Sia have combined superforces to throw down the ultimate AI towel. With our IBM Watson powered engine, all sugaheros are able to get superior, email insights teleported right into SugarCRM, augmented with clairvoyant AI magic - cognitive insights, machine learning and conversational UI, all only one click away. Read More & Vote >

A Simplr Way to Make Sugar-sweet Cash Flow 

TIBCO Simplr helps revenue heroes make cash flow, earlier.
When you collect customer data into Sugar, sometimes it's not entered accurately. When there are thousands of customer and opportunity data that are not accurately entered, bad things happen. You can’t contact them, you can’t bill them. Read More & Vote >

The Magnolia DX platform integrates with SugarCRM 

The Magnolia SugarCRM Connector makes lead capture and personalization easy. 

Create lead capture forms in SugarCRM. Magnolia fetches the forms from Sugar and displays them to your website editors in a user-friendly list. Editors can embed a form on the website with a few clicks. Magnolia does all the technical heavy lifting. Editors don't need to edit HTML or copy-paste any code snippets. When a visitor fills the lead capture form on your website a lead record is created for them in SugarCRM instantly. Read More & Vote >

All your company’s sales docs integrated w/Sugar! 

From sales proposals, case studies and contracts, PandaDoc allows your to create customizable documents directly from Sugar CRM!
PandaDoc comes with a pre-built library of hundreds of document templates that are ready to use inside of your SugarCRM account. You can easily customize these templates and add new ones to create a robust library of branded templates for your sales team. PandaDoc’s electronic signatures are easy to use and legally binding. Your prospects will be able to view and sign your proposals from anywhere without having to install specialized software. Read More & Vote >

A Cheesy Video for a Mysterious Newcomer 

Who is this masked man...err...solution?

Who hasn't read a cheesy comic book with a story about some place or thing being in trouble? Well we figured what better way to introduce this new kid on the block with that same premise.

Introducing Fanatical Chat with Intercom. Read More & Vote >

Sometimes Being a Hero Means Creating Heroes 

Fanatically Zen. Superpower Machine.
Sometimes the best solutions are the simplest. We superheros forget at times that all we need to do is give more visibility to all the good data that is happening in the world. That's where Fanatically Zen comes in. By taking the best CRM (SugarCRM, naturally) and integrating it with the best helpdesk (Zendesk, of course) you give others the power to also become superheros.

Zipwhip, Z-I-P-W-H-I-P, "Z" like Zipper, "W" like whipping in the wind 

Looking for your next game changing, timesaving, efficiency machine? Look no further for the next tool to add to your already super-cool utility belt, Zipwhip.  

Zipwhip is enables businesses to two-way text with their customers. The twist? Landline, VoIP and Toll free numbers are used with Zipwhip apps. Yes! It's possible to text using your landline, VoIP, and toll free numbers. Read More & Vote>

Business Analytics Superpower for You and Your Sugar  

Analytic Reporting by IT Sapiens offers you the kind of business intelligence that gives insights throughout your organization and allows to make the best decisions!
The ease of use will allow you to save time and focus on the important things – doing good business.
Interactive charts will give you a wide overview right from your dashboard allowing you to drill down into data and see the details that matter. Read More & Vote >

Starfish ETL for Data Migrations and Integrations 

Starfish ETL - The Super Hero of Data Migrations and Integrations

A starfish is a resilient animal. Its brain and intelligence are distributed through each of its arms. This is reflected in StarfishETL’s ability to connect to multiple products at the same time, using its intelligence to make your systems work together. Read More & Vote >

Yathit: Use SugarCRM inside Gmail 

Specifically designed to be fast, smart, and accurate, Yathit helps salespersons get things done on the go and makes their daily lives much easier.

Yathit caters to your needs, gives you accurate information on demand, and enables you to create or update records quickly and with ease. The single-click UI brings speed and simplicity into your work, while the Gmail and Sugar integration allows you to do even more with Sugar than before. Read More & Vote >

Logic Builder. Superpower Your Automation! 

Bring all of your most creative Sugar automation ideas to life using a visual programming language, which allows you to build flexible “If This then That” logic.

Everybody love automation! It allows us to save time and makes our life easier by letting the machine deal with all of the boring routine tasks and giving us the opportunity to focus on what really matters. Unfortunately, custom automation is time-consuming to implement and expensive to maintain… Unless you use Logic Builder, that is! With Logic Builder you can bring all of your most creative Sugar automation ideas to life using a visual programming language, which allows you to build flexible “If This then That” logic out of connectable blocks without writing even a line of code. Read More & Vote >

RT DocuSign: Your E-signature solution integrated with Sugar 

Integrating DocuSign and Sugar, RT DocuSign empowers CRM users to close business deals faster.

With this simple yet powerful integration, users can send and receive documents for signatures from within Sugar.
With RT DocuSign users can upload and send multiple PDF documents to their Sugar Accounts, Contacts, Leads, and Opportunities. This takes away the need of sending documents physically to the customers which saves a lot of time and effort of the sales reps as they can easily take electronic signatures from the customers. Read More & Vote>

Only Superheroes can create integrations where no SDK exist 

Integrating Sugar Mobile for Android with the MobileIron EMM SDK

Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) allows IT organizations to manage and secure company data on mobile devices. There are several EMM solutions including Blackberry Dynamics, Airwatch, MobileIron and IBM MaaS360. 

In order to integrate a mobile app with an EMM solution, the EMM vendor publishes an SDK (Software Development Kit). Without such an SDK, it is impossible to integrate the EMM solution with a mobile app. Read More & Vote >

Amazon Alexa and Integrated CTI for SugarCRM 

Extend the power of SugarCRM with Amazon Alexa and 3CLogic CTI!
While popular opinion might suggest the future of client engagements rest in digital channels (email, SMS, chat) and asynchronous forms of communication, the fact remains that voice-enable options still lead the way if the ultimate goal is to move a lead through the sales cycle or satisfy a complex service inquiry... Read More & Vote >

RT SugarBox: A remarkable Sugar add-on integrating Box 

RT SugarBox makes Sugar and Box talk to each other like never before.

This app enables CRM users to access, share and manage Box documents right from their Sugar. The instant access of any type of document ensures that CRM users have up-to-date resources at their fingertips. With RT SugarBox, users can experience Box in-built content tools such as tag, upload, search, and share, within Sugar. Read More & Vote >

RT CXM: Website Visitor Tracking, Live Chat and Lead Generation all within Sugar! 

RT CXM is a seamless integration between your WordPress website and Sugar.

RT CXM allows you to leverage valuable visitor profile information to proactively interact with real time traffic on your website from within the Sugar interface. As soon as a visitor lands on your webpage, RT CXM starts tracking all the visit metrics and provides insights into the visitor behavior on your Sugar dashboard. Read More & Vote >

RT SalesMap: Google Maps integrated with Sugar 

By bridging the gap between Sugar and Google Maps, RT SalesMap helps users track and locate their records on Google Maps within Sugar.

The visual representation of Sugar Accounts, Leads, and Contacts enables sales team to situate multiple prospects on Google Maps. It also plans route for the sales team as it integrates GPS to find the best possible route to reach the destination. Read More & Vote >


TrustSphere Transition Report gives Superpower to Sugar 

If staff turnover is kryptonite to your sales and business development, TrustSphere’s Relationship Analytics for Sugar is the secret weapon you need to save customer relationships!

Even when sales reps leave suddenly, TrustSphere’s Transition Report can immediately address potential turbulence in your customers’ journeys, at the push of a button. By visualizing and qualifying the entire customer relationship network of a departing employee, TrustSphere’s Relationship Analytics enable SugarCRM users to easily see their most important relationships in key accounts. Read More & Vote >

TimeLine Viewer Saves Your Time for Business and Rest 

TimeLine Viewer enables an X-ray Vision and helps Sugar users significantly reduce time on mining modules, reports, records and subpanels.

Out-of-the-box TimeLine Viewer collects dozens all-important events and makes them available at the end of your fingertips through special TimeLine dashboards and a record view. Read More & Vote >

RT QuickBooks: Sugar integration with QB Online 

RT QuickBooks is all about relishing the power of QuickBooks accounting in Sugar.
From generating invoice to managing payrolls, RT QuickBooks simplifies all your accounting and management needs. RT QuickBooks allows CRM users to obtain a unified view of their QuickBooks customers in Sugar. With its sync on-demand feature, it empowers users to sync a record immediately to either QuickBooks or Sugar. Read More & Vote >

Act-On's seamless integration provides a closed-loop system for multi-channel lead generation 

Using Act-On’s native, out-of-the-box integration, you can set up automatic, bi-directional synchronization between Sugar and Act-On – easily, and in minutes.

With Act-On, you can attract, capture, and nurture prospects, then convert leads directly into Sugar. Sales accesses Sugar to get real-time information, including prioritized leads and activity history. Read More & Vote >

Insights for SugarCRM 

Extending business intelligence to your business!

If you are like us, you may need more insight from your CRM. How can you save the world (or at least make your lives and the lives of your customer easier) without understandable and actionable business intelligence? Insights for Sugar helps give meaning to your data, seamlessly – right in the context of your Sugar CRM. Dashboards give strategic insight and drill-downs give you the detail to discover the meaning behind the data so you can do the great business you already do, better. Read More & Vote >

RT GSync: A Seamless Google Apps Integration 

RT GSync takes your CRM experience to the next level by integrating Google Services with Sugar.

By offering a two-way sync between Gmail and Sugar, RT GSync empowers CRM users to manage their Google emails (Gmail) in a simpler and effective way.

This award winning integration has the functionality of automatically archiving all the incoming and outgoing emails with the associated Sugar records. Read More & Vote >

RT Telephony: The Ultimate Telephony Solution for Your Sugar 

By offering a seamless integration between Twilio’s Telephony and SugarCRM, RT Telephony makes it easy to establish a secure connection with the customers.

This plugin enables CRM users to make inbound and outbound calls from SugarCRM with a single click. It also provides real-time access to customers’ information to deal efficiently with them. Read More & Vote >

Collabspot - Bring your communication data into Sugar 

Make Sugar the Collaboration platform it should be!

Collabspot is a sales communication platform that compliments CRM’s like Sugar, and allows teams to effortlessly input data into their CRM that is essential for collaboration, reporting, forecasting, and coaching. By seamlessly connecting Sugar with Gmail and Office 365, Collabspot allows users to sync emails to Sugar and add contacts with a single click. Read More & Vote >

Splash - Gamification Platform for SugarCRM 

Increase Revenue through Employee Engagement

Intelestream’s Splash CRM gamification platform for SugarCRM is ready to knock out its competition.
Humans love games. We love to watch them, and we love to play them. The more a job or task feels like a game, the more we enjoy doing it. Read More & Vote >

Tenfold: Get a 360-Degree View of Your Prospects and Customers 
Software that unifies 100% of customer interactions

Tenfold seamlessly connects your existing phone system with SugarCRM in a matter of minutes, allowing organizations to capture every customer and prospect interaction, increase productivity, reduce response time and build better relationships. Read More & Vote >