How to Submit Your App to the App Throwdown!

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This document will walk you through the process of creating a submission for the App Throwdown. The entire process should take no more than 15 minutes once you have all your information assembled. Make sure to follow Mark Weitzel and/or Donna Ewart. We will follow you back. If you have any questions, you can then use the messaging capability of the SugarCommunity to reach out to us.

Make sure to read the 2017 App Throwdown Overview and the 2017 App Throwdown FAQ to familiarize yourself with the entire event.

Overview: App Throwdown Submission Process

Participating in the App Throwdown is a simple three step process that leverages the power of the SugarCRM Community. 

1. Write a 150 word blog

2. Update your profile

3. Promote your app

Remember: The entry with the most "Likes" when voting closes will be awarded "Crowd Pleaser." Voting closes at midnight, EST on Friday, September 1, 2017. 

The "Crowd Pleaser" winner will be awarded one full conference pass and be invited to participate on main stage at SugarCon to compete for "Ultimate Superpower."


Create your App Throwdown Submission

You will submit your app by authoring a quick Sugar Community blog post (150 words) about your application. In the blog post, you'll include a video that shows the integration or business value to Sugar's customers. You'll also pick one or two of the four superpowers  for your submission. Please refer to them as you create your entry. We created a sample post, App Throwdown Template, that you can use as a guide. 

Note: You must be a registered user of the community to submit an app. To learn how to register, please check our the 2017 App Throwdown FAQ. The detailed steps for creating your post below.


All submissions will be reviewed by the App Throwdown team. Entries should meet the following criteria. (See the screen cap on the right for an example.)

  • Name: (See: #1) The name of your blog should be your application's name. Within reason, it's acceptable to use something catchy with your app's name as well. 
  • Content: (See: #2) Make sure to convey the business value of your application to Sugar customers and  how it captures the essence of this year's Superpower categories.  Highlight how your value, is differentiated from other applicant entries. It goes without saying, but, be positive & don't flame/slam other entries.
    • Logo: Start with your logo in the upper left of the blog post. The logo should be sized so that about five lines wrap around it. Everyone's logo is different and we're trying to give some flexibility here--just don't go overboard. Don't worry about left justifying it--there's a bug in Jive (our community platform) that we'll fix when we add the banner and footer. 
    • Headline: The first line of your blog should act as a "Headline" of sorts. Try to capture your audience. Be bold and BOLD this first line. Remember, part of the judging will be on how creative you are, especially in going with the CRM Superhero and superpower theme. 
    • Length: You should target 150 words. If you go over by one or two to complete your thought, that's fine. More than that, es no bueno!
  • Embedded video: (See #3) Each entry MUST have a video that specifically shows or addresses the integration with Sugar. Your video should be no more than four minutes. You don't have to be Joe Johnston or have Chris Evans in a starring role. In other words, it does not have to be a produced video--Quicktime is OK. Remember, people will be voting for your application, so be clear and compelling! And HAVE FUN! A great example is Eva Narunovska's video showing off her Analytic Reporting Tool by IT SapiensWe will be strict with acceptable videos, so please pay attention to the requirements. 
    To include a video, use the community's rich text editor menu button that will allow you to insert a video into your content.

    Note: When you add a video to your post, you can either upload it directly to the community, or add a link from a third party service, e.g. YouTube. If you choose to refer to a video via URL, make sure that it is publicly accessible without the need for a password.
    Remember, only "Likes" in the SugarCommunity will count towards "Crowd Pleaser."


Selecting Your Superpowers

At the bottom of your blog post, you will see the four categories for this year's App Throwdown. You can read about each of them in the App Throwdown Superpower Descriptions. You may select no more than two Superpowers to describe your app. Also, please take a moment to expand the advanced options and turn off the commenting feature.

Remember: When you initially submit your post, it will go into the moderation queue and will not be immediately visible!   

"Publish" to Submit

When you "Publish" your entry (a.k.a. blog post), it will go into the moderation queue. The App Throwdown team will review each post. Those that pass will be approved and will be displayed in the App Throwdown space and will be immediately eligible for voting via "Likes." You will receive an notification in your Sugar Community "inbox" when your content is published.

Remember: When you initially submit your post, it will go into the moderation queue and will not be immediately visible!


Stuff we'll add

Each blog post will have a banner an some "Success Text" on the bottom. We'll add these so it's standard across all entries. 

  • Banner: (See #4) This will be a standard banner that we provide. 
  • "Success Text": (See: #5) This will be an opportunity for you to link to your SugarExchange entry. You SHOULD provide the link to your application in SugarExchange. The easiest way to do this is simply navigate to your listing, copy the URL, then paste it in the text box. IF you do not have a listing, that's OK. Please provide an alternate link. We will evaluate the link and determine if it should be included. 


Don't miss a beat!

With everything going on, it's sometimes difficult to remember to check back in with the SugarCommunity. Fortunately, the key posts and information will be delivered directly to your email inbox! We want to make sure you know how to get notified on all of the important information, e.g. "Likes" that are coming your way. You can set email preferences by opening up the drop down menu that is in the very upper right hand side of the page. It’s the down arrow right next to your avatar picture, which is between your “Inbox” notifications and the Global Search magnifying glass.

Have you updated your profile?! Read the document, How to Update Your Profile to make sure you are representing yourself well within our community!



Voting Process

Speaking of "Likes..."   The SugarCommunity makes it super easy to broaden your audience. Once your blog is published, at the top your post, right below your title, you will the "Like" link. When another community member "Likes" your post, it counts as one vote towards "Crowd Pleaser". 


We've mentioned this a number of times, but it's worth emphasizing that this year, our community has the power to enable you to present in front of the entire SugarCon crowd! In this instance, shameless promotion is a good thing and highly encouraged!!  So get your social media engines in full gear! Get your Facebook friends energized! Start a revolution in Twitter ! (It's been done before)  And ROCK THE VOTE in the SugarCommunity!!! 


The How to Vote for your Favorite App - 2017 Edition document provides details on the voting process.


What are you waiting for? 

You are ready to go! If you have any questions, follow me and/or Donna Ewart and then drop us a message in the community. 

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