2017 App Throwdown Overview

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Welcome to the 2017 App Throwdown!

Submissions are now open for the 2017 App Throwdown! Our annual showcase of technology for the Sugar platform is always a crowd favorite. The App Throwdown is where customers, partners, and prospects get to see some of the coolest, most useful, and innovative extensions that drive business transformation, save costs, and close deals faster. Check out this overview document, then head on over to the How to Submit Your App to the App Throwdown! document to learn how to get started in the 2017 App Throwdown!

Don't forget, you must be registered in the community to participate and submit an entry. No worries though! Registration is super easy--just fill out this form and validate your email. Also, there's no cost to be a member of the community or participate in the App Throwdown.


Best in Class Superpower & Ultimate Superpower

This year's categories will help align with the overall themes of SugarCon. From the submissions in each category your SugarCon team will select three finalists. These finalists will be reviewed by SugarCRM's executive team, who will choose one entry from each category as "Best in Class Superpower."  Each category winner will be invited to present on the main stage in front of the entire SugarCon audience to compete for the "Ultimate Superpower" award!


Power to the People!

vote_1.pngLike last year, you get a voice for who will compete for the  "Ultimate Superpower" award! Each submission will use a blog post in the App Throwdown space . This will give you, your parents, all of your colleagues, facebook friends, and twitter followers, the opportunity to "Like" your entry. When submissions close, the entry with the most "Likes," will be designated this year's "Crowd Pleaser" and will be invited to show their stuff under the bright lights on SugarCon's main stage! 



Submissions are open to... EVERYONE!

Like last year, submissions are open to EVERYONE! That’s right – anyone who wants to submit an extension, connector, custom app integration, or any other cool use of the Sugar platform, is eligible for consideration.

Don't wait to submit your application! This year's deadline for all submissions is September 1st!  Remember, the earlier you submit, the more time you have to get support and "Likes" on your entry.

App Throwdown Superpowers

Your apps are bound to make Sugar users CRM Superheros. And what's a superhero without a superpower? That's where your your app comes in. Here are this year's App Throwdown Superpowers that you can use to categorize your application. 



X-Ray Vision

When your app provides X-Ray Vision, you enable CRM Superheros to spot trends in customer behavior, increase the effectiveness of their sales team, and help companies understand how people are interacting with their brand. Using the X-Ray Vision and insight that you provide, you will help CRM Superheros acquire, develop, and retain their customers. 


Whether they are pulling up opportunities on their watch, creating leads on their iPhones, or using the Internet of Things to ring the gong in the home office from halfway across the globe today's super heros are always connected. If your app can run anywhere, anytime, on anything; if it leverages or connects to the IoT, then we want your submission! This is all about taking the average Joe and using mobile tech and the IoT to turn them into a CRM Superhero!


Some CRM Superheros just know that right piece of content to send out at the right time to win that big deal. It's not magic--it's your app! Do you help predict the next best action, recommend content, or guide our CRM Superheros on the next step of their journey? Then this is the category for your app. Don't wait, submit your app today! By the way, I knew you were going to select this category!

Utility Belt

Have you ever find yourself in a dark ally defending your sales team from rogue line items, mis-aligned territories, and bad emails? Have you rescued babies from a burning building while integrating your ERP and Marketing Automation tools? Of course you have! And there are some things that every CRM Superhero has got to have on their utility belt! Have you got something that no CRM Superhero can live without? Then this is the category for you!

Crowd Pleaser

Everyone has their favorite superpower! Some prefer X-Ray Vision over Clairvoyance. Others just want to make sure they have every possible gadget on their utility belt. The Crowd Pleaser will be the application with the the most "Likes" in the community. If you are selected as "Crowd Pleaser" you will have the chance to demonstrate your Superpower on SugarCon's main stage--and we'll throw in a free pass just to sweeten the deal! What are you waiting for? Get your crew out and rock the vote! 


So what are you waiting for?

 Get started now How to Submit Your App to the App Throwdown! and THROW IT DOWN!