SugarCon 2017 Sessions

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Session Title TrackSpeaker(s)CompanyDownloadVideo
Achieving Better User Adoption - Tips and Best PracticesProduct Training SugarCRMDownload PDF
Advanced Sidecar Customizations (Tutorial)UnconSugarCRMDownload Tutorial
Advanced Sugar Admin - Deep DiveProduct Training
  • Andrea AyersSenior Product Trainer & Instructional Designer
SugarCRMNo presentation used
Advanced Sugar Developers - Deep DiveProduct TrainingSugarCRMNo presentation used
Advanced WorkflowTools of the TradeSugarCRMDownload PDFVideo coming soon!
Artificial Intelligence and CRM: Expectations and Concerns (Community Choice Topic)Birds of a FeatherSugarCRMDownload PDF
Becoming a Demo ChampionUnconSugarCRMDownload PDFVideo coming soon!
Best Practices for Designing Advanced WorkflowsUnconSugarCRMDownload PDFVideo coming soon!
Building Code Customizations for Advanced Workflow (Tutorial)UnconSugarCRMDownload TutorialN/A
Building Custom Apps Using Mobile SDK (Tutorial)UnconSugarCRMDownload TutorialN/A
Building chart dashlets and data visualizations using Sucrose (Tutorial)UnconSugarCRMDownload TutorialN/A
Certification Exams (Administrators, Developers, Solution Architects)Product TrainingSugarCRMNo presentation used
Current Customer Engagement Trends and How to Drive Modern Customer Experiences with Cloud-Enabled PlatformsExpand your Sugar Utility Belt3CLogicDownload PDFVideo coming soon!
UG: Customer Support / Customer EngagementBirds of a FeatherSugarCRMDownload PDF
Customizing Elasticsearch (Tutorial)UnconSugarCRMDownload TutorialN/A
Customizing SugarCRM MobileTools of the Trade
  • Joe MaoDirector, Mobile Product Management
SugarCRMDownload PDFVideo  coming soon!
Do’s and Don’ts for Using Emails APIsUnconSugarCRMDownload PDFVideo  coming soon!
Escalations and the People Who Love ThemUnconSugarCRMDownload PDFVideo  coming soon!
UG: Finance and InsuranceBirds of a FeatherPresentation Pending
From Zero to ProductionUnconSugarCRMDownload PDFVideo  coming soon!
Getting Started with Advanced Workflow (Admins)Product Training
  • Andrea Ayers , Senior Product Trainer & Instructional Designer
SugarCRMDownload PDF
Improving Sugar Integrations Using OpenID ConnectUncon
  • Jelle VinkDistinguished Engineer
  • Alex Vlasov, Senior Software Engineer
SugarCRMDownload PDFVideo  coming soon!
Improving Your PHP CustomizationsUnconSugarCRMDownload PDFVideo  coming soon!
Increase CRM Insights with Greater Data Scope, Quality and Modern IntegrationExpand your Sugar Utility BeltMagic SoftwareDownload PDFVideo  coming soon!
Increase the Value of Every Connection with Relationship AnalyticsExpand your Sugar Utility Belt
  • Dawn Radecki, Director of Sales Engagement
  • Michael Knight, Vice President of Solution Services
TrustSphereDownload PDFVideo  coming soon!
Managing EmailsTools of the Trade
  • Wen XuSenior Product Manager
SugarCRMDownload PDFVideo  coming soon!
UG: ManufacturingBirds of a FeatherSugarCRMDownload PDF
UG: Marketing and Sales AlignmentBirds of a FeatherSugarCRMDownload PDF
New Sugar Admin - IntroProduct TrainingSugarCRMNo presentation used
New Sugar Developers - IntroProduct TrainingSugarCRMNo presentation used
Performance Tuning for ScaleUncon
  • Sadek BaroudiDirector of Engineering
  • Rajesh Badhe, Software Architect
SugarCRMDownload PDFVideo coming soon!
Performing Common Code Customizations on New Quotes Module (Tutorial)UnconSugarCRMDownload TutorialN/A
Practical Customer Acquisition and Retention with Sugar, MailChimp, Zendesk and IntercomExpand your Sugar Utility BeltFanatical LabsPresentation PendingVideo coming soon!
UG: Professional ServicesBirds of a FeatherSugarCRMDownload PDF
Quotes Module - Deep Dive (All Levels)Product Training
  • Andrea Ayers, Senior Product Trainer & Instructional Designer
SugarCRMDownload PDF
Reporting and InsightsTools of the TradeSugarCRMDownload PDFVideo  coming soon!
Relationship Intelligence – HintTools of the TradeSugarCRMDownload PDFVideo coming soon!
UG: Sales AutomationBirds of a FeatherPresentation Pending
Single Sign On (SSO) Best Practices for SugarUnconSugarCRMDownload PDFVideo  coming soon!
No presentation used
Video coming soon!
Birds of a Feather
  • Mark Liu, VP, General Counsel & Corporate Strategy
SugarCRMDownload PDF
Spotlight: Aligning IT and Business for an Integrated, Multi-Country Rollout:  Driving Successful Governance, Change Man…Hero Worship
  • Ivo Shotten, CIO
AlereDownload PDFVideo
Spotlight:  Building the Financial Business Case for a Global CRM RolloutHero Worship
  • Tansel Adacan, Global Systems Director
  • Annika Bruls, Digital Project Manager
LandorPresentation PendingVideo coming soon!
Spotlight: Creating an Intelligent, Global Forecasting Mechanism with Sugar (Agfa Healthcare)Hero Worship
  • Doug Irvine, Global CRM Project Manager
Agfa Healthcare Download PDFVideo
Spotlight: Driving Customer Loyalty and Satisfaction with Sugar (Devlyn)Hero Worship
  • Andrew Devlyn, Director of Innovation
Opticas DevlynDownload PDFVideo
Spotlight: Getting Independent Sales Reps and the Manufacturer on the Same Team (ASI)Hero Worship
  • Avi BarNational Sales Manager 
American SpecialtiesDownload PDFVideo
Spotlight: Managing Omni-channel Lead Management in Sugar  (DuProprio)Hero Worship
  • Rached Chatti, Director of Strategic Operations
DupropioDownload PDFVideo
Spotlight: Transforming from a Task Oriented to Customer Oriented Sales Culture (Backcountry)Hero Worship
  • Peter Tew, Senior Product Manager
backcountryDownload PDFVideo
Sugar Deployment - Selecting the Right Model For YouUnconSugarCRMDownload PDFVideo coming soon!
Sugar Developer EcosystemUnconSugarCRMDownload PDFVideo coming soon!
Sugar Integration PatternsUnconSugarCRMDownload PDFVideo  coming soon!
Sugar Platform - Beyond the BasicsTools of the TradeSugarCRMDownload PDFVideo coming soon!
Sugar Platform Coming AttractionsUnconSugarCRMDownload PDFVideo coming soon!
Sugar Reporting - Deep Dive (All Levels)Product Training
  • Andrea AyersSenior Product Trainer & Instructional Designer
SugarCRMDownload PDF
Sugar Roadmap - Come See What's NextTools of the TradeSugarCRMDownload PDFVideo coming soon!
Sugar Security - Best Practices for Keeping Your Data SafeUnconSugarCRMDownload PDFVideo  coming soon!
Sugar Studio: Configuring LayoutsProduct TrainingSugarCRMDownload PDF
Sugar Studio: Configuring Custom FieldsProduct TrainingSugarCRMDownload PDF
SugarCRM Mobile SDK Deep DiveUnconSugarCRMDownload PDFVideo coming soon!
Team and Role Based Permissions (Admins)Product Training
  • Andrea AyersSenior Product Trainer & Instructional Designer
SugarCRMDownload PDF
Testing Sugar CustomizationsUncon
  • Zac SprackettVP, Reliability & Release Engineering
  • Christine Atiya, Software QA Engineer
SugarCRMDownload PDFVideo coming soon!
The Future of Marketing & Building Adaptive JourneysExpand your Sugar Utility Belt
  • Andy MacMillan, CEO 
Act-On SoftwareDownload PDFVideo  coming soon!
The Wall of QuestionsUnconSugarCRMDownload PDFVideo coming soon!
Troubleshooting Sugar Code Customizations (Tutorial)Uncon
  • David WheelerArchitect, Software Development
  • Vishal Jain, Software Engineer
  • Jimmy Chen, Senior Software Development Engineer 
SugarCRMDownload TutorialN/A
Understanding the Sugar PlatformUncon
  • Nick RoseDirector of Solutions Consulting, Americas
SugarCRMDownload PDFVideo coming soon!
Upcoming Features and Enhancements in Quotes, Opportunities and Related ModulesTools of the TradeSugarCRMDownload PDFVideo coming soon!
Using and Defining Collections in SugarUnconSugarCRMDownload PDFVideo coming soon!
Using the REST API to Integrate with CRM Data (Tutorial)UnconSugarCRMDownload TutorialN/A
You Want Better CRM User Adoption? Gamify Your SystemExpand your Sugar Utility BeltIntelestreamDownload PDFVideo coming soon!
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