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About the News Stream

The News Stream, refocuses content delivery on the SugarCRM Community home page, allowing community members to determine the content they want to receive and choose how it is delivered. The News Stream is made up of two major parts: predefined streams, managed by the Community Management team at SugarCRM, and custom streams, curated based on each community member's individual preferences. 



Initial Access and Non-Authenticated Users

Initial access of the new SugarCRM Community home page, will display a variety of predefined streams at the top of the News Stream, below the welcome banner:

The "News" stream will show a summary of the most recent content from across the community. This combines new posts that are also shown in both predefined and custom streams. Registering and logging into a SugarCRM community account is required to create custom streams or otherwise manage the streams that appear. Instructions on creating custom streams can be found in the Custom Streams section of this document.


Predefined Streams

A handful of predefined news streams have been created to help community members and guests find the most important and relevant content. These streams may change over time, and also may be tailored specifically to the needs of the community member (e.g. SugarCRM customer vs. SugarCRM partner, location, Sugar Admin vs. Sugar Developer, etc.). Streams that are available for all community members include:

  • News - This feed will show new content that flows into the community, combining all other predefined and custom streams. This stream will not include updates and comments, but they can be reviewed by drilling down into any other stream using the links provided. When logged in, this feed will take into account followed places and people, allowing a view of the community that is unique and personalized for each community member. 

  • Sugar Blogs - The Sugar Blogs stream displays blog posts from across the community sharing insights from community thought leaders about Sugar, how to empower users to make an impact, and information about the tools that make it easier for them to do their job better and anticipate the needs of customers like never before.

  • Sugar Spotlight - The Sugar Spotlight is a one-stop-shop for all of the most recent updates and news from SugarCRM. Find out about new releases, upcoming events, exciting news, and more!

  • All Activity - An unfiltered listing of all community updates can be found with the "All Activity" stream. This includes all updates from all community places, displaying everything from the entire community in one spot. This stream will show either "All Activity" or "Top & Trending." 


Custom streams

Custom streams allow community members to build individualized streams of community content, combining a mixture of PeoplePlaces, and Tags. Custom streams also have the option for members to receive notifications about new and updated content from each stream via email, or allow users to choose when they want to log in to the SugarCRM Community to receive updates. 


The ability to create custom streams allows community members to customize the way content is received across the community. While streams like "All Activity" surface site-wide activity and “Following” showcases the activity of all established connections, custom streams allows community members to further “filter out the noise” by picking and choosing people and places to follow in a very targeted fashion.


Adding custom streams

Creating a custom stream can be done in just minutes, and they can always be edited or removed as needs change. 


To create a new stream:

  1. Log in to the community.
  2. Click the "+" button on the stream list on the community home page to create a new stream.
  3. Search for People, Places and Tags in the search box provided in the stream set-up window or review the suggestions for People, Places and Tags presented. To add a Person, Place or Tag: click on the add button or drag and drop the entry into the empty column to the left of the search or suggestion results.
  4. Enable email notifications as needed for each custom stream. The notifications button can be found in the toolbar above the Suggestions and Search menu. These can also be modified in the preferences page.
  5. Name the stream.
  6. Click "Done" to immediately populate the stream.


Managing custom streams

After creating a custom stream, the requirements for the stream may change, such as when new connections are made or places are discovered in the SugarCRM Community. 


From the home page

  1. Click on the custom stream.
  2. Streams can be edited, deleted, or pinned (setting it as the default view).
  3. Click the on the edit pencil to edit the stream settings.
  4. Rename the stream, modify who or what is being followed, delete the stream, or configure notification settings for the stream as needed.


Managing user stream membership from around the community

  1. Locate a user to begin following.
  2. Hover over the user's name.
  3. Click "Follow" and check the boxes for the custom stream(s) which should include the new user.


Managing user stream membership from the user profile

  1. Navigate to the user's profile.
  2. Locate the "Follow" button.
  3. Click "Follow" and check the boxes for the custom stream(s) which should include the new user.


Managing place stream membership from around the community

  1. Locate a space to begin following.
  2. Hover over the space's name.
  3. Click "Follow" and check the boxes for the custom stream(s) which should include the new space.

Managing place stream membership from the space

  1. Navigate to the new space to follow.
  2. Locate the "Follow" button.
  3. Click "Follow" and check the boxes for the custom stream(s) which should include the new space.


Deleting custom streams

Streams can be deleted from the News page or the stream's edit page.


Deleting a stream cannot be undone and all changes will be lost. Before deleting a stream, a confirmation popup will appear.

Predefined streams cannot be deleted



Stream Settings


Choosing notification styles

News Streams allow users to determine how to be notified of content. By default, users will have to log in to the community to receive updates, but users may also choose that the more important content should trigger email notifications so that it can be received in a timely manner. Email notifications for custom streams can be enabled or disabled from the stream on the SugarCRM Community home page or from User Preferences.


Within the stream

  • Click on the custom stream.
  • Click the on the edit pencil to edit the stream settings.
  • Click the "Email" checkbox in the "Updates" field and click "Done."


From preferences

  • Navigate to User Preferences.
  • Locate the "News & Stream Notifications" section to display a list of all predefined and custom streams.
  • Select the Email checkbox to receive email notifications from the custom stream and choose the frequency in which to receive updates (all updates or various summaries).


Pinning Streams

On the community home page, the "News" stream will show by default. This can be easily changed to one of the predefined streams or custom streams. To chose a new stream that will appear by default, simply "pin" it by clicking the pin button when viewing the stream.


Additional Information

Mobile Improvements

The changes to the SugarCRM Community home page will better allow the community to be viewed in the mobile browser, allowing access the community on the go. Before the introduction of News Streams, accessing content would require navigating to the specific space or a variety of menus on a mobile device. Now, a mobile version of the news stream will be immediately available.





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