How to get a SugarCommunity ID

Document created by Mark Weitzel Employee on Mar 29, 2016
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In order to vote and participate in the SugarCommunity, you must be a registered user. This is a very simple process that consists of registering for an ID and verifying your email address (we need to make sure you're not a bot). Here's a quick guide.


Step 1: Go to the Registration Page

The registration and log in page are one and the same for all SugarCRM web sites. To get to the registration page, follow this link or click the "Log In" link on the SugarCommunity welcome page.

Welcome___SugarCRM_Community_-__Private_Browsing_ 2.png

You'll end up here:


Step 2: Tell us about yourself

We need a few details to help make engaging in the community a better experience.



Step 3: Verify your email

Check your email for the registration link. When you click the link, we'll make sure you're not a bot with a captcha.



That's it! You are now a registered member of the SugarCommunity!