How to Vote for your Favorite App!

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It's all about the "Likes"

We've mentioned this a number of times in the   App Throwdown Overview and in the App Throwdown FAQ, but it's worth emphasizing that this year, our community has the power to enable you to present in front of the entire SugarCon crowd! In this instance, shameless promotion is a good thing and highly encouraged! So get your social media engines in full gear! Get your Facebook friends engergized! Leverage LinkedIn! Start a revolution on Twitter!  (it's been done before...) And ROCK THE VOTE in the SugarCommunity!!!


Voting Process

Once a blog is published, members of the SugarCommunity will be able to vote on the submission. Voting is done simply pressing the "Like" button on the right hand side of the blog post. You must be on the individual blog's page to "Like" it. If you don't seen the social actions, e.g. "Like" button, simply click on the blog's title.

App_Throwdown_2016__SugarCRM__Example_Submission____SugarCRM_Community 3.png

You can see who is "Liking" your content by clicking on the green box with the number in it next to the actual "Like" button. You should get a dialog box similar to the one below. Please realize that it's possible for members of the community to "Like", i.e. Vote, for more that one entry. It's up to you, as an provider of an application, to muster the votes to win "Community Favorite."

App_Throwdown_2016__SugarCRM__Example_Submission____SugarCRM_Community 4.png


If you have questions...

Let us know if you have any questions. You can follow, then message Mark Weitzel and/or Donna Ewart.