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As exciting as the App Throwdown is, there can be a number of questions about the process, how winners are chosen, and logistics. We'll try to capture and explain all of these in this FAQ document. We'll likely be updating this document along the way based on your feedback and questions that come in so make sure you are following this document so you'll get email notifications of any changes we post.


I want to participate, how do I register in the SugarCommunity?

Easy! First, navigate to the registration page. (This page is also accessible by clicking the "Log in" link in the upper right hand corner of the SugarCommunity.) Once you are there, fill out your information. You'll need to verify their email as part of the registration. Once that's done, you can come back to the community and "Log in". (Note: Because of cookies, you sometimes have to click the "Log in" link twice.)


How long do I have to submit my entry?

Submissions will be open until midnight ET on Friday, May 13th. Remember, the earlier you submit your application, the longer you have to get support for being voted "Community Favorite."


Is there any cost to participate?

NO! All you need is a killer app, 150 words, and a video. And love. All you need is love. (Sorry, I'm still a big fan of the Beatles.)


How will "Best in Class" winners be chosen?

SugarCRM's App Throwdown team will select the three finalists from the entries that we receive.  Each finalist will be reviewed by SugarCRM's Executive Leadership team, including; Jennifer Stagnaro, Clint Oram, Samir Khosla, Patrick Pahl, and Jenny Gonsalves. This team will select the "Best in Class" winners.


Do I need to attend SugarCon if I win Best in Class?

No. However, given that you will have the opportunity to present your application on SugarCon's main stage to all conference attendees, we highly recommend it!!  Why would you want to miss that opportunity??


When will the "Best in Class" winners be announced?

If you are a 'Best in Class' winner, you'll be notified by May 20th.   We will announce the winners during SugarCon, before we open the Exhibit Hall so you will have a chance to promote your win to all of the attendees and drum up support for your app for the live SMS 'Best in Show' voting during the App Throwdown Session.


Will "Best in Show" voting be in addition to the app voting on the community prior to SugarCon?

No.  Voting for "Best in Show" happens only by the audience in attendance at SugarCon, at the conclusion of the presentations at the App Throwdown.


What is the "Community Favorite?"

New to the App Throwdown this year is the ability for our community to choose who they would like to see on SugarCon's main stage competing for "Best in Class" honors. Each registered member of the community may "Like" a submission (blog post). The blog post with the most 'likes' when we close submissions on May 13th,  will be recognized as the 'Community Favorite' and be invited to show their winning app in front of the entire conference audience on SugarCon's main stage. In order to qualify for "Community Favorite" a submission must have a minimum of 30 "Likes."


When will the "Community Favorite" winner be announced?

The Community Favorite will be announced after submissions are closed at midnight ET on Friday, May 13th.


How will the "Best in Show" winner be chosen?

"Best in Show" will be chosen by the audience via live polling during SugarCon. The App Throwdown will be the last event immediately prior to the closing celebration.


Can I promote my entry via social media?

Absolutely! In fact, it is highly encouraged. Make sure to use the hashtag #appthrowdown.


I'd like to get my colleagues, LinkedIn contacts, Facebook friends, twitter followers, and my mom to "Like" my entry, how do I do this?

Easy! First, they need to register in the SugarCommunity. They can do this by navigating to the registration page. (This page is also accessible by clicking the "Log in" link in the upper right hand corner of the SugarCommunity.) Once they verify their email as part of the registration process,  you can then send them a link to your blog post where they can click the "Like" button on the upper right hand side of the screen!



Can I be awarded "Best in Class" and "Community Favorite"?



Can I win the "Triple Crown"

You bet! You can walk away with Community Favorite, Best in Class, and Best in Show. Go get 'em American Pharoah!


Can I win Powerball?

It's possible! You'll have to buy your own ticket though and we've got nothing to do with it. But, if you do win, remember, I've always told everyone you're the best, and how smart you are... remember sharing is good!


Do I need to be a partner to enter?

No! Everyone can submit an app. If you've done something cool with Sugar, tell us about it and "Throw it down!!"


What if I don't have a listing on SugarExchange?

If you are an ISV partner, then, barring some unusual circumstance--which we are happy to learn about--you must have your application listed in SugarExchange. For customers and other innovators, we'll find the right place to link people who want to learn more about what your application.


Will comments be allowed on the submissions?

YES!!! The intent of these posts is to show off the applications and engage each other. Feel free to be a "Chatty Cathy!"


How do I message someone in the community?

The SugarCommunity makes it very easy to collaborate with people. All you need to do is hover over their avatar and you'll get a hover card. Inside the card is a button to follow that person. If you are already following the individual, you will also see a "Message" button.

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Is there any "Corporate Buzzkill"?

Yes. We will do our best to promote the App Throwdown, Best in Class and Community Favorite winners. However, who gets to present at SugarCon, as well as the overall administration of the contest, is, ultimately, at the discretion of SugarCRM.