• Error while executing a report for relate field (Accounts to Users)

    Hello Folks,   I'm trying to create a Relate field via code and find below the vardef $dictionary['Account']['fields']['manager_name_c'] = array( 'required' => false, 'source' => 'non-db', 'name' =>...
    Venkatesh Babu
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  • Option "email all invitees" causes blank emails being sent

    SugarCRM 6.5.17 Pro Hi, enabling "email all invitees" will indeed send reminder emails before the meeting starts. Unfortunately these are blank - no subject, no text. Is there a way to configure their content? Thx,...
  • Sugar and Twitter integration

    Hi,   I have contacted SugarCRM support and they confirmed that the Twitter dashlet is no longer working. The access was blocked by Twitter since Aug 2019 because Sugar's twitter integration does not comply with...
    Priska Aprilia
    created by Priska Aprilia
  • Process definitions - Field evaluations for multi-select fields

    I am using v7.8 Enterprise edition.    So let's say I have a multi-select field with the following values: - A - B - C - D - E - F - G   I want values A, B, and C to each trigger their own ...
    Jacquelyn Lane
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  • Resolving cannotPerformCollationConversionOnTable red flag on SugarCRM upgrade to version 9.0.0

    Even though there is seemingly no release notes or updates about it, files for SugarCRM version 9.0.0 have been released here.   Note: you must have a SugarCRM subscription to see the downloads.   I'm usin...
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  • Is there way to configure (not extend) the email preview to a larger area?

    Hi. I´m getting requests asking if the red circle in the picture can be made bigger. The email module is not in Studio. So is there a way?   Thanks, KGM
    Kristjan Geir Mathiesen
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  • Losing changes on Module Names

    Hi everyone, We have an Enterprise v8 cloud instance and are moving to v9. We use two languages, French and English. Extra Modules are created via module Loader in English, and fields are then created via studio on...
    Patrice Lamothe
    created by Patrice Lamothe
  • SugarCRM Acquires SaaS Marketing Automation Innovator Salesfusion

    Powerful Combination Expands Sugar Platform to Relentlessly Drive Relevant Customer Experiences that Create Customers for Life   SugarCRM Inc.®, the company that helps organizations deliver exceptional cust...
    Alex Nassi
    created by Alex Nassi
  • Where does Sugar store users' locale settings in db ?

    I want to keep all my users local settings (Time zone, date & time format, currencies etc...) are same.
    MK Gupta
    created by MK Gupta
  • How to develop an module builder for SugarCRM v8?

    Hi, I'm planning to develop a module builder to upload in SugarCRM v8 to display values from a third party website. So, in the contact page, the module builder should take the contact's email and search in the third p...
    Harishankar D
    created by Harishankar D
  • Allow reporting/filtering on inactive user data

    19 votes
    SugarCRM blocks users from running reports or doing list view filtering on any user fields when the user is inactive. This is a constant headache for my company, as we have a very long history of CRM use and we o...
    Jacquelyn Lane
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  • [2019-05-15, 7:25 PM UTC] Known Cloud Issues - EU Hosted Instances (ondemandeu02 only)

    We have addressed an issue in our cloud environment where instances hosted on the ondemandeu02 cloud stack were unreachable for 21 minutes. Currently all services are operational.For information on identifying the sta...
    Ciprian Cernestean
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  • Failure in the "from" field to send emails

    I have SugarCRM 7 installed and I have configured the outgoing e-mail address by putting the name of my company in the "from" field and when sending the test e-mail to the recipient, the e-mail arrives with the name o...
    Diego Farto
    created by Diego Farto
  • [May 14, 2019 4:49 PM UTC] Known Cloud Issue - US Hosted Instances (ondemandus09 only)

    We have addressed an issue in our cloud environment where instances hosted on the ondemandus09 cloud stack experienced database connections problems for about 4 minutes leading to internal server issues. Currently all...
    Catalin Chertita
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  • Is it possible to have the same field in 2 tabs in a module?

    I want to add a filed in 2 tabs in a single module. I want the fields to be duplicate, i.e. whenever a field on the first tab is filled, I want to populate the field in the second tab with the same data. Is it possibl...
    Rizwan Rizwan
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  • Sugar Portal Customisation Methods

    Hello,   Does any one know if the sugar portal in an on demand instance can be customised by other means other then studio?   Brad
    Brad Gunn
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  • How to Clean or Purge SugarCRM cache folder programmatically?

    Hello Friends, I have made one zip file and try to install using Module Loader. It actually installs one module into SugarCRM, say module name "XYZ" After installation, SugarCRM crashes, Then I have to clean and d...
    Hiren Darji
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  • Emails with "new smiley" (emoji) not archived - error

    Hi guys.   The new smiley´s in Outlook (this is from the Sugarlog): is causing an error in the Sugarlog when emails with it are being archived. Here is the error: Mon May 15 09:56:47 2017 [23649][record...
    Kristjan Geir Mathiesen
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  • Change Terms and Conditions

    Can someone tell me how i would change the verbiage under our Terms & Conditions?   Thank you
    Derek Kimble
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  • Webcast: Let’s Practically Apply Sugar Configuration over Code Development

    5/22/19 8:00 AM
    TOPIC: HOW TO CONFIGURE CRM DATA VALIDATION Why would I need it? because I am Sugar admin, Sugar evangelist or proactive community member who helps Sugar Users to meet their CRM expectations Why is it worth attendin...
    Zlatyslava Topchyi
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    Webcast: Let’s Practically Apply Sugar Configuration over Code Development

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