• Note like attachment functionality for Opportunities

    Hello Sugar Experts, I want Notes attachment like functionality for Opportunities module.   Requirement: 1) I can upload file from create and edit. 2) I can see the file in record view as a link. 3) After cl...
    Kishor Mali
    created by Kishor Mali
  • [2019-03-22, 20:15 UTC] Known Cloud Issues - mtpremiumus01

    We are currently addressing an issue in our cloud environment where instances hosted on the mtpremiumus01 stack are currently experiencing performance issues. For information on identifying the stack where your i...
    Paul Farcas
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  • How to add "File Upload" field in Case module in SugarCRM CE 6.5.x version?

    Hello, I want to add "File Upload" filed in Case module. Please guide me on this.
    Sohan Tirpude
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  • Attachment field

    I'm looking to create an ''attachment'' field in a module. Same thing as the field ''File Name'' in the ''Documents'' module.   How can I do that?   Thanks
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  • Capturing age of an opportunity when its closed won

    I'm trying to calculate the age of an opportunity when the opportunity stage becomes “Closed Won”.  I used the steps as described in SugarCRM knowledge base - "Capturing the Age of Closed Wo...
    Jaqueline Bargmann
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  • [2019-03-22, 17:15 UTC] Known Cloud Issues - ondemandus08

    We are currently addressing an issue in our cloud environment where instances hosted on the ondeamandus08 stack are currently experiencing performance issues. For information on identifying the stack where your i...
    Vlad Popescu
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  • Is that possible to send email  in logichooks

    Hi,everyone . Is that possible to send email in logichooks ['after_save']? I want to send a mail after somebody clicked the save Is that possible to send email  with API in logichooks?  Or there is ...
    cheng yuzen
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  • Sugar Cloud Maintenance Scheduled for Saturday, March 23rd, 2019

    On Saturday, March 23rd, 2019, beginning at 17:00 PDT, SugarCRM will be performing maintenance to the Sugar cloud environment. This work will occur during our scheduled weekly maintenance window. Maintenance...
    Ron McCorkle
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  • Record View Layout in studio is showing single column

    Hi Everyone,   In studio for all modules in record view layout it is showing single column( fields are updating in single column) and in module view I am able to see the layout in two columns.  Layout in S...
  • How to get records with C#

    Hi everyone    I'm developing a web service in C# and I want to get 20 records in each petition through the API of sugar, but I don't know how to make a filter by a specific field, I already made a req...
  • Idea: Allow for an Unlicensed API-only user

    61 votes
    It would be nice to be able to have an API user that does not count against licensed users. Using an existing front end user is not practical. thanks, FrancescaS
    Francesca Shiekh
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  • sugarcrm scheduled jobs not triggering workflows

    Hello to everyone.     I have a custom scheduler task that get some accounts from a query, then it change a value on a field and then save it with php code.   At first only the first records that the ...
  • Upgrade to WKWebView in SugarCRM Mobile 6.2

    In our recent release of SugarCRM Mobile 6.2, we made a change to the way our mobile app talks to the Sugar server.     We made this change because Apple deprecated their UIWebView component...
    last modified by ChristineAtiya
  • Error: SVG contains invalid content

    We're currently attempting to use https://mobiletools.sugarcrm.com to build out our Andorid and iOS container apps, however when we go to upload the SVG file for the Application Icon For iOS, Applicatio...
    Tim Crishi
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  • Populate a field based on dropdown choice

    Newbie to SugarCRM need the formula to populate a field based on a dropdown choice of another   Field1 Dropdown $Company = "Choice" Field2 TextField = $Company_Address = "Choice"
    Linda Souza
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  • Problem with the upgrade

    During the upgrade from to 7.9++ versions I've got this: ERROR: Exception: Class CustomFields does not exist. I would appreciate any pointer where to look to fix it. Thanks.
    Sys Admin
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  • How to fetch all records from Account Module and also updating a field value in all record

    Hi Folks,   I want to get All records from Accounts Module and want to do some manipulation on that data. Once it is done then i will update the data to same record. How to do this bulk operat...
    Follow John
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  • Why are users receiving an email archiving error in the outlook plugin?

    Evan Havens
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  • uploading a file in core module

    I have created a file type field in accounts module and I want the uploads files to get saved in my custom path rather than in uploads folder can any one help me out ?
    Debanshu Kar
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  • Error with opportunities module

    Hi All   I am having the following error with opportunities having carefully copied data from Salesforce in to the sugar CRM opportunities csv template   error: non existing field: spacer in module opportu...
    Mark Potten
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