• Connect SugarCRM to Lumira 2.0

    Hi Experts, I am looking for a way to connect SugarCRM with SAP Lumira 2.0. At the connectors of Lumira 2.0, I do not see one that connects to SugarCRM. Is there perhaps any way I can extract SugarCRM data in SAP Lum...
    Regi Mene
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  • How to show <a href="link">text</a> as clicable text

    Using version Sugar Version 6.5.25 (Build 344) There are 2 possible solutions, Don't know how to accomplish either:   Make the HTML fields saveable (copy the field and make it to a new field "better_html") Cha...
    Anti Nuga
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  • Some data has already been output, can't send PDF file

    Hello All,   When I am trying to download custom pdf from a custom module.The pdf download is blocking and showing this [FATAL] TCPDF ERROR: Some data has already been output, can't send PDF file error in Suga...
    Sino Thomas
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  • How do I create report with contacts and related account

    How do I create report with contacts and related account
    Emmanuel Boutboul
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  • Product Bundle / Kit

    Hi,   I have looked in the forum and only found an older post about whether sugar has the ability to bundle together products. So for example one single product would consists of other products.   An Exam...
    Kath Saba
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  • How to delete files from OnDemand

    OK, its time to bring this question up again.  Is there ever going to be a way to delete files from an onDemand (or whatever it is called now) instance?  I have alot of customers with fairly dirty directory ...
    Kenneth Brill
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  • Making a field read-only in the view

    Hi   Another basic question I'm afraid...   I'm trying to force an int field to read only (dependent upon various conditions). However, I'm not having any luck. Is there a way to either alter the vardef me...
    Steven Cox
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  • Cordova plugin - google maps

    I am trying to render a Google Map using a native view. According to the documentation (https://support.sugarcrm.com/Documentation/Mobile_Solutions/Mobile_SDK/Mobile_SDK_Quick_Start_Guide/#Integrating_a_Cordova_Plugin...
    Michał Nowacki
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  • Call initialize method in Detail View

    Hi,   I am trying to extend opportunity detail view In sugar Mobile SDK. when open opportunity detail view page from list view then initialize() method is call only one time. Is there any possibility again exe...
    Ambit Support
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  • Why do subpanels generated from circular relationships doesn't have record links?

    Hi,   I created a 1:M(one-to-many) circular relationship in Locations module. This generated a relate field and a subpanel.   The issue is that the subpanel doesn't have any links in its records:   ...
    Eron Tancioco
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  • Sugar Cloud Maintenance Scheduled for Saturday, November 9th, 2019

    On Saturday, November 9th, 2019, beginning at 16:00 PST, SugarCRM will be performing maintenance to the Sugar cloud environment. This work will occur during our scheduled weekly maintenance window. Maintenan...
    Ron McCorkle
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  • HOW TO SEND Workflow WHEN Email Expected Closed Date Past 1 Day

    This request has come up again. I am on the latest version of on premise. Can anyone help?     I am trying to create a workflow and/or (business process author) for new and updated opps. where I need to...
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  • Integrating Sugar with a CMS using REST APIs

    SugarCRM strives to be the "No-Touch" CRM. One of the most important steps in making this vision a reality is to integrate Sugar with systems that customers uses to engage with organizations. For exampl...
    Michael Shaheen
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  • Calculate the total from multiple records in a related module?

    Hello, I'm using Sugar Enterprise 9.1 (Cloud). I'm trying to create a calculated field that will give a cumulative total of a decimal field in a related module.  Attendance (Customized from the Calls Module) is ...
    Kristen Dougherty
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  • How to retrieve the generated URL value for a URL field type using the "generate" option?

    The Sugar URL field type has a nice feature where it will generate a URL for you based on other fields on the record. For example, if you want to link to another system and pass the contact's Sugar record ID, you coul...
    Chad Hutchins
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  • Using Advanced Workflow to identify overdue records

    Fairly basic question - is it possible to use Advanced Workflow (Sugar BPM) to follow up overdue records which can currently be done easily in Legacy Workflow.   It seems Advanced Workflow is limited to selectin...
    Greg Barrass
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  • External Storage?

    Is it possible to use your own external storage in addition to the cloud space given by Sugar? 
    Ray Ortiz
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  • [2019-11-07, 01:00 PM UTC] Known Cloud Issues - US Hosted Instances (mtpremiumus03 only)

    We have addressed an issue in our cloud environment where instances hosted on the Annual US03 stack have experienced connection issues. For information on identifying the stack where your instance is ho...
    Vlad Popescu
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  • Avoid duplicates with RECORD ID during IMPORT

    Hello,   I'm performing a mass updated of my Account Records in Sugar Professional 9.2 I usually use the NAME field to avoid creating duplicates.  However, this time I want to update a few names so I thou...
    Lorenzo Baldari
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  • Add a label to a panel layout to separate types of data?

    On lead panel, I have a section on product interests with several check boxes - I'd like a label to identify this section of the layout.
    Robert White
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