• Using server side changes to customize SugarCRM Mobile

    If you were at UnCon in April 2015 then you know that one of our hottest topics was plans for a SugarCRM Mobile SDK.  Since mobile devices and mobile use cases are such a key part of what Customer Relationsh...
    Matt Marum
    created by Matt Marum
  • Get record ID in _headerModuleList.tpl (CE)

    I'm trying to customize the very top navigation menu and figured out everything except for how to get the module name and record ID inside _headerModuleList.tpl (template which generates the top navigation b...
    Robert Sinclair
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  • >7.9 set readonly in javascript

    Hi, we are upgrading SugarCRM from 7.6 to 7.9 and setting readonly depending on values in Javascript does not work anymore. Cause the model is availble after rendering, setting a field to readonly has no effect when ...
    Harald Kampen
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  • How to auto populate relate fields data of one module while creating record from relate field

    Hi Everyone,   I want to create a record from relate field(custom modules relate field Ex : Enrollment) in Opportunities module and in the create view of record I want to auto-populate the data of other relate f...
    Sarojini Buddana
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  • Auto populate note / task name with Opportunity name

    When creating a note / task from a subpanel in Opportunities, is it possible to pre-populate the name of note / task with the name of the opportunity? This needs to work on mobile as well, so I can't do it in jav...
    Ryan Horton
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  • group mail box case creation - ignore (un-deliverable)

    hi All,   Hope you are well, i am trying to set up an inbox for monitoring via SugarCRM to create cases.   all setup and case creation is working fine. however this is an active inbox which is used by team...
    Kunal singh
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  • How can I retrieve fields from related records in a REST filter POST request?

    I'm using the filter endpoint to retrieve some fields from matching Contacts.  Specifically I'm doing a POST to the {URL}/rest/v11/Contacts/filter endpoint.  In the body I include the fields as follows: ...
    Grant Schenck
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  • Getting the instance url of the user at the time of login in REST API

    Hi,   I'm integrating SugarCRM into our product. Currently I'm using the trial version. It seems that each account has an instance url, but I seem to be needing the instance url for login.   So, if a user ...
    R V
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  • Integrating SugarCRM with website. Question about urls

    Hello,   After almost finishing up the integration of SugarCRM with our website, I'm back to square one due to some doubts.   For the site_url given in the endpoints, I'm currently using the url for the tr...
    R V
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  • creating documents under case via REST api

    HI all, i am facing a problem here , when i try creating documents under case via REST api , documents get created but not under Cases. Documents and Cases have many-many relationship with each other and the link fiel...
    Abhishek Korlekar
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  • How can I assign multiple contacts to a task in 6.7.5?

    I would like to be able to select multiple contacts for a task.  How can I set this up to allow the selection of multiple contacts?
    Michele Mannon
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  • SugarCRM REST API - Filter POST - Related Module Fields

    I'm trying to retrieve, using REST API, a list of records and one of its related module fields. Let's assume Accounts and Opportunities.   So, API Documentation (in the GET Filter) talks about defining related m...
    José Filipe Neis
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  • SugarCRM Rest api function response always trimmed by last 2 characters

    I have the issue in the SugarCRM REST Function. I have created the Sugar Module I am working in that. I have dashlet file for a REST call and in that, there is the function, So from that function whatever I return, Th...
    last modified by AMOL ROKADE
  • Copy Quote is not working

    Hi EveryOne,     I have created record.js to hide pdf templates based on condition and allowing users to edit the quote based on user type.  This functionality is working but copy quote functionality i...
    Sarojini Buddana
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  • Add additional column to contact and lead record view layout?

    Our sales team would like us to add multiple columns to the lead and contact record view so there's less scrolling to the subpanels.   I've looked into this in the past, and it's always required coding (meaning,...
    Kayla Ebert
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  • Unified Search Capability

    1 vote
    SugarCRM should have the ability to add fields to the unified search within studio    -- Allow fields to have a checkbox with "Unified Searchable?"  -- when clicked have core insert the vardef in...
    David Matrai
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  • List view selection using shift down arrow

    2 votes
    Our users requested the option of selecting items from list view using shift - down arrow as with common email interfaces or excel documents instead of individual clicks.   thank you, FrancescaS
    Francesca Shiekh
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  • How to set type currency from API?

    Hi everyone,   I want to know how to set or update the type currency of a currency field, I mean, I have an external database and once per day I send all the new information from this database to sugarcrm t...
    Eduardo Martínez
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  • SugarCRM Appoints Craig Charlton as New CEO

    SugarCRM Inc.®, the company that helps organizations build better business relationships, today announced that it has appointed Craig Charlton as chief executive officer effective immediately. Charlton succeeds L...
    Alex Nassi
    created by Alex Nassi
  • In the API, "/Accounts/:record/link/:link_name/filter GET", what can be the different values which can go in "link_name"?

    In the API, "/Accounts/:record/link/:link_name/filter GET", what can be the different values which can go in "link_name" variable?
    Venkat Malli
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