• The Formula Must Be of Type Date Error with Ifelse formula

    I am trying to return a specific date based on the team name field. If the team name is ABC, pull the date from a related opportunities field, othewise make the date equal to the close date plus a given lead time. Her...
    Adam Ritchie
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  • Displaying selected fields from one module in another module using code.

    Hi forum,   This is for Sugarcrm CE 6.5.20 and hence I am not sure it will be posted here anymore. If that is the case - apologies.   I have 2 modules Module_1 and Module_2. They are not related.   ...
    Berny Perera
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  • set related modules relate field value to the current modules custom relate field

    Hello Everyone,   I have a requirement, to bet related modules fields and set to the current record. I have four modules i.e. Objects, Sub-objects, Units and Projects. I have one to many relationships are: Obj...
    Manisha narwade
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  • How to create a field that returns a specified value based on a related field in Sugar CRM?

    Here is my situation:   I currently have the following setup in my record view on one of my modules (lets call it Estate_Orders for the sake of this post)     My Goal is to be able to make the "Join...
    Ryan Siwinski
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  • Using e-mail fields correctly in Sugar

    Post originally written by dwheelz.   Here is an important message from David Wheeler, a long time Software Engineer and Architect at SugarCRM, about using e-mail fields correctly.   E-mail handling is cor...
    SugarCRM Developers
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  • Date not older than another date field

    I have 2 date field in my opportunties -    Expected Close Date and Start Date   I would like that you cant save the opportunity if Start date is the same or older than Expected Close Date. How do I...
    Lena Andersson
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  • I create a user via workflow and do not send automatic creation email

    Hi Everybody   Recently I created a workflow to create standard users every time an event occurs; also I configured the section of email to send notifications to the user about the creation o...
    Avis Torres
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  • How To create Custom Action In 9.X Like 6.5.

    How To create Custom Action In 9.X Like 6.5.
    M Gupta
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  • How to create a custom PMSE action with the possibility to set a parameter

    Hello,   I want to know if someone know "How to create a custom PMSE action with the possibility to set a parameter" in Sugar. We went through this documentation : https://support.sugarcrm.com/Documentati...
    Groupe Sugar
    created by Groupe Sugar
  • sort comment log with latest first

    I need to sort my comment log by latest first.   I can do this in the showCommentLog method of the field's controller by reversing the comments array, but it's not the cleanest way and it interferes with an...
    Francesca Shiekh
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  • How to close/hide by default sidebar pane (right side Dashboard) in Sugarcrm 7.7

    Hi All,   I want to close/hide by default sidebar pane for all modules, please have a look on below screen shots.     Thanks, Shyam
    Shyam Gaikwad
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  • How can I create OAuth token for the particular user

    How can I create OAuth keys for a particular user ? Please help me to find a solution to create OAuth key for an particular user
    Sino Thomas
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  • Blocking TLS v1.1 and earlier in SugarCloud

    We intend to disable support for TLS v1.1 and older in the SugarCloud on November 8, 2019 February  1, 2020. This action is consistent with the rest of the industry. It may impact some Sugar integrations that con...
    Michael Shaheen
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  • Implement cleanup method for Activity Stream

    20 votes
    Hi,   as activity stream is a useful tool in SugarCRM 7, we saw that it could easily take more than 50% of the database size in productive instances. While this can be easily truncated from the database, this is...
    Mark Willert
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  • 7.9 Quoted line items - on-change controller

    Has anyone figured out where to define on-change events for Quoted Line Items? We need to look up pricing in a third party ERP based on mft_part_num. I already removed the populate related for the price field using th...
    Francesca Shiekh
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  • Concatenate Formula in Sugar Logic using Relate Field Types

    Does anyone know if it's possible to use the concatenate formula in Sugar Logic with Relate field types? It works with other field types, but when I try to use a relate field type, it says the field name is unknown.&#...
    Casey Henry
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  • How to Build Custom Record Views in Sugar

    Note: This content was originally posted on Upsert's blog on October 31, 2019.   Have you ever wanted to create a custom route in Sugar that allows you to create, display, and edit a subset of a module's fields?...
    Jerry Clark
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  • Soft Phone window

    Hi, We want to integrate Soft Phone functionality inside Sugar CRM. Want to show a phone window which always remains there. From this windows user can login/logout, answer call, disconnect call etc.   We have d...
    Sukhadeo Prasad
    created by Sukhadeo Prasad
  • Campaign Emails get stuck in queue

    We are trying to send out some emails from the campaign module in Sugar and the emails get stuck in the email queue and never get sent.  We have checked the different areas of the Sugar settings an...
    Jessica Taggart
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  • How to know in before save or after save logic hook data insert through api or sugarcrm application. ..?

    How to know in before save or after save logic hook data insert through api or sugarcrm application. ..?
    M Gupta
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