• Why are my emails flagged in my inbox

    I am seeing all of my emails in my Outlook being flagged. Why are all of my emails being flagged ?
    Darin Schoumaker
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  • Show/Hide field base on checkbox

    In my Leads module, I have a checkbox for Logo and I want to show/hide an upload box based on if the checkbox is checked or not. How do I accomplish this?  
    Mike Wagner
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  • How to stop Contact duplicate insert records. ?

    sidhu sidhu hi How to stop Contact duplicate insert records using email id ?
    M Gupta
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  • Run a php script on a field in each record

    Hey all, I need to hash a field in my custome module but need sugar to hash the field in every record and save the hash over the original value   My php script to hash      public function ob...
    john Fieldsend
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  • Emails and documents in the scope of GDPR

    Hi all, Recent discussions I had about GDPR seem to indicate that email messages and documents fall in the scope of GDPR since they can be "accessed via a search" (esp. in our beloved CRM).  Are you seeing the ...
    Damien Pochon
    created by Damien Pochon
  • google maps

    I found the article here on adding Google Maps to a module. Unfortunately, we have a lot of cases where the 2nd line of the address will not work well for google. Is it possible to eliminate anything after the line br...
    Norm Bonenfant
    created by Norm Bonenfant
  • What is the Difference between Quoted Line Items and products in the product catalog?

    Hello,    I am working on a project to automate contract creation from Sugar via the opportunity with Revenue Line Items or the quote module.  Currently our Sugar instance doesn't utilize RLI so m...
    Katie DelValle
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  • Is it possible to add a HTML5 canvas element as a field to the android app ?

    Hello,   The title probably says it all. I want to create a canvas field on the app where users can draw their signature! I am aware that will have to create the canvas and the logic of it myself! but how can I...
    Simo Hamzaoui
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  • How to integrate Sugar 7 with Twitter and Facebook

    Hi everyone,   I need to integrate my sugar instance to Twitter and Facebook. I manged to integrate Twitter with sugar using this, this, and this. The problem is that I can only see the tweets I made and I can't...
    Raymond Tham
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  • Best Practices Sales Cycle for B2C Business

    Getting started migrating our inhouse "crm" to Sugar for a cosmetic skincare office Currently using excel and outlook + paper files.   Im very confident Sugar can be modified to fit our needs but im having...
    Charles Rosen
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  • Don't create Lead when Contact exists

    Hi all,   I just a need a little help when creating a Lead when a Contact already exists.   We have the case that sales reps try to create a Lead in Sugar although a Contact in Sugar already exists with th...
    Thomas Schlittler
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  • Email Bounce Sensitivity

    I happen to be looking through our email campaign results and specifically the bounces that have been marking email addresses as invalid.   It seems it is being too sensitive to bounces.   I have seen many...
    John Kitsmiller
    created by John Kitsmiller
  • How to set a limit to the maximum number of users/employees ?

    Hi Forum,   SugarCRM 6.5.20   I would like to set a limit to the number of users/employees that can be created in a given distribution. Is there a way that this can be achieved ?   eg. If I set the ...
    Berny Perera
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  • Calls: Related To: more data in list view

    Hi all,   I'm trying to extend the Calls List view with new columns: Related Country Related State Related City These Data should be pulled by the "Related To" Record if existing.  Related to can be ...
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  • Delete Child entities if parent record deleted using end point.

    How can I delete child entities using end point ,  If I delete parent record (via end point ) in sugarcrm? delete child parent endpoints
    Sagar Honrao
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  • calendar module customization

    Is there any option to do customization on Calendar module to newer version 9+   Requirement :  In calendar module > Shared > Userlist > Select Filter user list by team >  Users (Select user...
    Manisha narwade
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  • HOW TO SEND Workflow Email WHEN Expected Closed Date Past 1 Day

    This request has come up again. I am on the latest version of on premise. Can anyone help?     I am trying to create a workflow and/or (business process author) for new and updated opps. where I need to ...
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  • How to sort Group By data in descending order in Report charts

    Is there a way to sort data in the Group By column in descending order in a Report chart? For example, when I create a chart of sales by month, the months are automatically sorted in ascending order starting with the ...
    Yury Voloshin
    created by Yury Voloshin
  • Create multiple choice field types

    Hi everyone,  I trust you are all keeping well and safe during these unusual times.   Was wondering if anyone has ever created a multiple choice type field, either using radio buttons or tick boxes? Simil...
    Vincent Amari
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  • How to Use REST API ? and what are the Endpoints for Sugarcrm for Enterprise edition ? for User Management

    I am looking for API which will handle User Management endpoints. example - Create User, Delete userr, assign roles to the user etc. please suggest. thanks in advance !
    Ram N
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